Copyright Registration in Bangalore

Copyright Registration in Bangalore

Copyright protection plays a very significant role in the creation of many intellectual works. If the work is not protected, it would be easy for others to exploit the works without paying any remuneration or royalties to the original owner. Copyright encourages enterprises and stimulates the economic activity. It entitles the creator to control use of their artistic material and literary works in number of ways such as broadcasting, making copies, use on-line etc. Creators can get the appropriate economic reward for the investment and creativity.

Copyrights give moral rights to be identified as a creator or author of certain kind of materials. It can be obtained directly by the author as soon as he created the tangible form of expression. Copyright protects the work and prevents others from stealing the work to make profit.

If your work has been copyrighted, you can prosecute others for using your work without the proper permission. The owner can recover the original or in some cases, statutory damages from the infringer. Additionally, courts have the power to issue the order to restrain or prevent the copyright infringement in order to destruct the infringing copies.

Types of copyrights:

A copyrighted owner has five different types for his/her works. They are as follows:

Reproduction right:

It is the right to transcribe or imitate the work, copy and duplicate the work in a fixed form.

Distribution right:

This is the right in which the copies of the work to be distributed in the form of sale, lease rental and lending.

Modification right:

This right is useful to modify the existing work to create a new work. A work which is based upon the pre-existing work is called as “derivative work”.

Public performance right:

This right is to play, recite, dance, act or show the work at public place or exhibit the work to the public. In the case of audio visual work or a motion picture, shows the work’s image out of the sequence would be considered as a performance. Recorded version of music or other sounds doesn’t have a performance right.

Public display right:

This right is to show a copy of the work directly by means of a television image, film, and slide at a public place.

Advantages of copyrights protection:

Copyright is a private right; the owner can decide how to make use of the copyright work and how to implement the work.

A copyright owner can sell or agreeing the transfer of copyrights to someone else. There are so many option s to the copyright owner to involve into the contractual agreements. The agreement can minimise the odds and the dispute over the copyright work.

If a work has been done by multiple authors, then those authors would be considered as the co-owners of the copyright.

The ownership rights can be transferred based on the copyright law and the agreement.

When the creator registers his work legally, then he will receive a certificate in the event of infringement.

Documents required for copyright registration:

  • Applicant’s name, address and nationality need to be specified.
  • Name, nationality and address of the author of the work.
  • If the author is different from the applicant, a declaration needs to be signed by the author.
  • If the work is published, the country and year of the first publication has to be mentioned. The name, address and nationality of the publisher.
  • Power of attorney of the firm.
  • 2 Copies of work.
  • Title of the work.
  • Language of the work.
  • NOC from the author if he is different from the publisher.