Copyright Registration in Bangalore

Copyright Registration in Bangalore

Copyright registration in Bangalore is crucial for safeguarding intellectual creations. Without protection, it's easy for others to exploit these works without compensating the original creator. This system stimulates economic activity by empowering creators to manage their literary and artistic works, including broadcasting, reproduction, and online use. It ensures fair compensation for their investment and creativity.

These rights also grant creators moral ownership, allowing them to be recognized as the authors of their materials from the moment of creation. Copyright serves as a shield, preventing unauthorized use of the work for profit.

Once a work gets online Copyright registration in Bangalore, the owner can take legal action against unauthorized users, seeking damages or the return of the original work. Courts can issue orders to stop infringement and eliminate the unauthorized copies.

Types of copyrights:

A copyrighted owner has distinct rights for their works:

Reproduction right:

This entails copying, transcribing, or duplicating the work in a fixed form.

Distribution right:

This allows distribution of copies through sale, rental, or lending.

Modification right:

The right to create new works based on existing ones.

Public performance right:

This permits displaying, reciting, or exhibiting the work publicly. For audio-visual works, showing the images out of sequence is also considered a performance. Recorded music lacks a performance right.

Public display right:

This right enables showing the work through television, film, or slides in public.

Advantages of copyrights protection:

Copyright with online copyright registration in Bangalore is a personal right, allowing owners to control how their work is used and implemented.

Owners have the option to sell or transfer their copyrights when online copyright registration is done, engaging in various contractual agreements to minimize disputes.

If a work involves multiple authors, they are considered co-owners of the copyright.

Ownership rights can be transferred based on copyright law and agreements.

Registering the work legally can result in receiving a certificate in cases of infringement

Documents required for copyright registration:

  • When applying for online Copyright registration in Bangalore, provide the applicant's name, address, and nationality.
  • If the author differs from the applicant, an author-signed declaration is required.
  • For published work, state the country and year of the first release, along with the publisher's name, address, and nationality. Include the firm's power of attorney.
  • Submit two copies of the work, mentioning its title and language. If the author is not the publisher, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the author is needed.