Design Registration in Bangalore

Design Registration in Bangalore

Design means the configuration, shape, pattern, ornament, composition of lines and colours applied to any article either in two dimensional or three dimensional or in both forms. A design is the one which makes the thing more attractive and appealing. It adds a greater and a commercial value of the product and increases the marketability. A registered design provides the exclusive right to the owner by protecting from the unauthorised third parties to copy or imitate the design. The design is all about the visual appearance of the article. The article can be three dimensional such as domestic goods or industrial or two dimensional such as textiles, packaging and wallpaper.

Why design registration?

If your design got registered officially means you are in a stronger position in front of third parties who tries to make or trade a design similar to your own. Design registration grants a exclusive and a statutory right which prevents others from using the design without the registered owner’s permission that is what we called as prevent infringement. Falsely representing the design which is applied to a product is a registered design, is an offence. The word which is used to indicate registered or any words which imply that the design applied to a product are a registered design can only use on products.

Benefits of design registration:

Nowadays, products are more recognised through designs. To seek protection for the new product or technology, businesses often pursue design rights. It has a lot more attractive benefits when compared with other intellectual property protection. The registration process is much simpler and the process cost is low.

egistered design rights are a monopoly right which protects the aesthetic qualities of a product or item. Shape, texture, lines, contours, and materials are come under the aesthetic qualities that can be protected 0nly through design rights.

This right is a unique way to protect the new media and or digital products. Design rights are so ideal since it suits well to protect the digital images and it protects the video game character, and graphic icons.

Requirement of design registration:

  • It should be new or original.
  • Should not include property mark or trademark or any artistic works as defined under the copyright act.
  • The design should be distinguishable from the existing or already registered or disclosed to the public.
  • It should be judged solely by the eye and the feature of the design has to be more visible and clear.
  • It should not depict any obscene or scandalous matter.

Documents required for design registration:

  • Details of the applicant.
  • Representation sheet which clearly indicates the novel design and its perspective. The representative may hold lines or sketches or photographs.
  • Certified copy of the priority document if the priority is claimed from a foreign application.
  • Details of the particular class of article which the design protection is to be sought.
  • Power of Attorney.
  • Application form -1.