FSSAI Registration in Bangalore

FSSAI Registration in Bangalore

In India, the Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSAI) issues licenses for food-related businesses, ensuring high-quality food for consumers. Having an FSSAI license is crucial for selling processed foods and serves as a powerful tool to enhance business and boost sales. It's a mandatory requirement that assures adherence to food safety standards and obtaining FSSAI registration in Bangalore. This license builds consumer trust by signalling that the Food Business Operator (FBO) complies with FSSAI regulations, ensuring safe food production and storage. It helps consumers identify products that have undergone quality checks, reducing the presence of counterfeit manufacturers. Essentially, an FSSAI license obtained through online FSSAI registration in Bangalore assures consumers that necessary rules are followed, promoting food safety and trust in the market.

Benefits of FSSAI: Legal Advantage:

  • Many believe getting an FSSAI registration process is costly, time-consuming, and cumbersome. However, the truth is, it's simpler than perceived. The FSSAI registration fees is far less than potential penalties.
  • It's smart to acquire the license before starting the business officially.
  • The process isn't as complex as thought. We're here to simplify it for you, making it easy and hassle-free.

Consumer awareness:

In today's time, people are more conscious about the food they eat. With various dieting options, knowing safe and healthy food for our daily routine is essential. High-quality food sets its own standard, attracting and expanding the consumer base. Thus, FOSCOS FSSAI registration in Bangalore is important.

Usage of FSSAI Logo:

Once you have your license, skilfully showcase the FSSAI logo on your company pamphlets and menu cards. This helps highlight and promote the superior quality of your food compared to others. It's an advantage for licensed Food Business Operators over those without one. All packaged foods must have an FSSAI number, and the logo is a mark of trust for consumers. Customers prefer products from licensed operators, which boosts your brand reputation over time. Thus, online FSSAI registration in Bangalore is important.

Expansion of a business:

Expanding your business to new areas or outlets becomes smoother with an FSSAI license. It establishes credibility and qualifications, easing the process of growth in different regions. Additionally, it can aid in securing funding and bank loans essential for business expansion. Upholding quality standards continuously benefits your business in the long term.

Types of Licenses in FSSAI registration: Food business operator license:

Every food business in the country needs an FBO license. According to the FSSAI act, only small-scale food manufacturers can sell without registration. All other manufacturers and retailers must get FSSAI registration before starting their business.

Registration can be carried out based on three categories. They are

  • Central License
  • State License
  • FSSAI registration

What is central license?

Businesses involved in import/export, seaports, major manufacturing, airports, and central government agencies need to secure licenses from the central government.

What is state license?

Small and medium-sized enterprises, distributors, retailers, and manufacturers operating in the state need to obtain a state license from the state government.

What is FSSAI registration?

Petty manufacturing units can register by submitting minimal required documents to the central government.

Documents required for FSSAI registration and the licensing:

The documents needed vary based on the type of licensing or registration required. Understanding the categories is crucial.

There are two types: FORM-A for registration, suitable for small businesses, and FORM-B for licensing.

Licensing or registration depends on annual turnover:

  • Under 12 lakhs: FSSAI registration (FORM-A)
  • 12 to 20 lakhs: State licensing (FORM-B)
  • Over 20 lakhs: Central licensing (FORM-B)

Documents for FSSAI registration – FORM-A:

  • A passport-sized photo of the Food Business Operator (FBO) is required.
  • A No Objection Certificate from the municipality or Panchayat can be used as a supporting document for submission.

Documents required for FSSAAI state licensing – FORM-B:

  • Provide contact details of company partners/proprietors/executive members.
  • Submit a government-issued photo ID and address proof.
  • For FORM-B, ensure proper signature by the proprietor or authorized signatory.
  • Give a detailed blueprint of manufacturing and processing units, specifying dimensions, square meters, machinery list, installation space, and power usage.
  • List all food products intended for manufacturing.
  • Submit MOA/AOA/Partnership deed/Incorporation document.
  • Show possession of premises through rental agreement, electricity bill, or ownership agreement.
  • Nominate an alternate person for assisting food inspectors, packing, and sample collection, providing their authority letter and details.
  • For re-labellers and re-packers, include a copy of the license or NOC from the manufacturer.

Documents required for FSSAI central licensing- FORM-B:

  • Provide complete details of directors, including contact addresses.
  • Submit a layout plan or blueprint.
  • Manufacturer should provide details of a responsible person and an alternative assisting food inspectors, collecting samples, packing, and dispatching products.
  • List all manufactured food products.
  • Submit proof of address and government-issued identity.
  • Show evidence of premise ownership or rental through documents like ownership proof, rental agreement, or electricity bill.
  • Include a no objection certificate from the manufacturer.