FSSAI Registration in Bangalore

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is the one which issues a food license, it permits to operate the food related business and ensure the good quality of food to the consumers. It acts as an effective marketing tool to boost your business and promote sales. FSSAI license is a mandatory requirement to sale the processed foods. FSSAI is a stronger and powerful entity. It is an India’s code of conduct for the food companies. FSSAI license is used to increase the consumer awareness for knowing that the FBO (Food Business Operator) is following all the necessary rules and regulations which is established under FSSAI. FBO is following all the necessary guidelines of food safety for manufacturing or storage as applicable. This license would help the consumers know if the product has undergone the quality checks and it reduces the bogus manufacturers.

Benefits of FSSAI: Legal Advantage:

Mostly, the business people think that getting an FSSAI license is an expensive, time consuming and an inconvenient process of documentation. So people usually avoid getting the license. But in reality, getting an FSSAI license is quite simpler. The cost of obtaining the license is less than what you will have to pay for in as penalties. It is strongly advisable to get the license before open up the business officially. The process is not so tedious. We are there to make it simple and easier.

Consumer awareness:

In this period, people are more aware and informative about the food they consume. With the increased dieting option, it is indeed to know the safe and healthier food which we consumer in our daily routine. Good quality foods have its own standard that obviously increases the consumer base.

Usage of FSSAI Logo:

When you get your license, skilfully use the FSSAI logo in your company pamphlets, menu cards in order to make the people understand and publicise the superior quality of your foods over others. This would give an edge to the Food business operators who are not having the license. All the packaged foods are required to get an FSSAI number. Logo is been a symbol of assurance and the mark of validity to the consumer’s view. Customers are very aware of consuming the products specifically from who are having the license. So this eventually develops the brand name.

Expansion of a business:

When you decide to expand your business in other areas or outlets, it would be easy with the use of FSSAI license. This helps to establish the qualification and reputation to grow the business in a new region and perspective with ease. This also may help for funding and getting bank loans which are required for business. Quality standards are ever growing and beneficial in the long run for your business.

Types of Licenses in FSSAI registration: Food business operator license:

FBO licensing is the ultimate requirement for all the food business across the country. As per the FSSAI act, only the petty food manufacturers are permitted to sell the foods without any registration. All the other manufacturers, retailers are required to obtain the FSSAI registration prior to their business.

Registration can be carried out based on three categories. They are
  • Central License
  • State License
  • FSSAI registration
What is central license?

The businesses which are in import/export oriented sectors, seaports, large manufacturing, airports, and central government agencies are required to obtain the license from the central government.

What is state license?

The businesses operates in the small and medium sized enterprise units, distributors, retailers, manufacturers etc. are required to get the state license from the state government.

What is FSSAI registration?

This is applicable for the petty manufacturing units; they do registration by submitting all the required minimal documents to the central government.

Documents required for FSSAI registration and the licensing:

The document requirement is purely depends on the kind of licensing or registration we are going to do. It is important to be in a clear understanding about the category.

There are two forms of registration and licensing. FORM-A, it is only for the registration purposes. Small and tiny business sectors can undergo this kind of process. FORM-B is used for licensing.

Licensing and the registration can be categorised based on the annual turnover.

  • If your business annual turnover is less than 12 lakhs, you can move for FSSAI registration.- (FORM-A)
  • The business turnover ranges from 12 to 2o lakhs, it will be coming under state licensing- (FORM-B).
  • The business turnover which exceeds 20 lakhs would be categorised for central licensing – (FORM-B).
Documents for FSSAI registration – FORM-A:
  • Passport-sized photograph of the Food Business Operator (FBO).
  • No objection Certificate from the municipality or panchayat can be considered as a supporting document that can be submitted.
Documents required for FSSAAI state licensing – FORM-B:
  • The company partners/proprietors/executive members contact details need to be produced.
  • Photo identity which is issued by the government authority along with the address proof has to be submitted.
  • Proprietor or the partners of the authorised signatory has to be duly signed in FORM-B.
  • The complete blue print of the manufacturing units, and the processing units which should clearly depict the operation area in dimensions and in square metres. The allocation of the area, list of the machinery parts and equipment, installation space and the horse power been used has to be furnished clearly.
  • The food products which are to be manufactured in a complete list.
  • MOA/AOA/Partnership deed/Incorporation document has to be submitted.
  • Possession of premises can be evident by producing any of the documents such as rental agreement/electricity bill/ ownership agreement.
  • Manufacturers can nominate any alternative person for assisting the food inspectors, packing, dispatching, and collecting of samples from the processors or manufacturers. The authority letter, name and address of the nominating person also to be mentioned.
  • For re-labellers and re-packers, the copy of license or NOC from the manufacturer.
Documents required for FSSAI central licensing- FORM-B:
  • Directors, contact address and their full details need to be furnished.
  • Layout plan/blueprint.
  • The responsible person details have to be submitted by the manufacturer and the alternative person is to assist the food inspectors, collection of samples, packing and dispatching the product.
  • Manufacturing food products have to be listed.
  • Address proof and the proof of identity from the authorised government.
  • Proof of evidence for the premise (ownership document/rental agreement/electricity bill).
  • No objection certificate from the manufacturer.