Patent Registration in Bangalore

Patent Registration in Bangalore

Patent is considered as a high profile activity and it is only for researchers and scientists. This is not a true one. A patent is for an invention that can be found even in the illiterate person. Innovative spirit and the creativity should be protected because any invention can be exploited commercially. Patent would be granted if the invention is new, novel and which holds an inventive step, capable of industrial application. Patent do not protect ideas rather it protects the invention.

Patenting the invention allows to prevent others from using, selling throughout the India without the inventor consent. A patent is one of the few assets that can increase the value over the time. It is considered as the important element to increase the value of your business.

Patent can be sold to another for monetary remuneration. Also, patentee can give license to one or more parties for a percentage of the sale price. Whether you are a business personnel or an independent inventor, patent is being a valuable asset and that should be protect from the immoral person who could benefit from your hard work. Like any other form of property, patent can be licensed, sold, bought or mortgaged.

Being a territorial right, Indian patent will give the owner rights within India and has the right to stop others from importing products into Indian Territory.

Benefits of patent system:

There are enormous economic benefits are there in patent system such as encouraging investment, promoting innovation, knowledge sharing, economic growth and efficient use of resources.

Promoting innovation:

By creating new improved goods and services, community can be benefited which meets the social needs. For instance, medical research produces new diagnostic treatments or tests which improve the community health.

Investment and economic growth:

Patent helps the company to grow by capitalising on the market. Small companies can use patents to attract the potential customers and in addition patent stimulate the growth of national industry because it overseas the investment and products been developed for export. Moreover, the profits which have been obtained from the patent exploitation can further utilize in research and development.

Resource use and knowledge sharing:

Patents promote the knowledge sharing which requires the details of the invention in the public domain to exploit the invention with the exclusive right. While in the absence of exchange, the details of new inventions would be protected through secrecy.

In order to encourage knowledge sharing patent reduces the duplication of research efforts and that encourages researchers to build the existing inventions. Access to a patented research tool may help for vital research for genetic disorder and creates the genetic treatments or test.

Documents required for patent registration:

  • Form1 – Application form in duplicate: It contains the information which is about the name and address of the inventor, name and address of the application and other associated declarations.
  • Form2 - The provisional or complete specification in duplicate- Complete specification need to be provided within 12 months if you file the provisional specification.
  • Form3 - Filing date, current status and information of each foreign patent application in duplicate.
  • Abstract of the invention.
  • The drawing sheets need to be attached along with the signature of the applicant in the right hand bottom corner, if any.
  • If it is filed through the patent agent, power of attorney needs to be produced.
  • Priority document in convention application on the direction of the controller.
  • Form5- Declaration of inventorship where the provisional specification is followed by the complete specification.
  • Fees to be paid either by cash or by demand draft or by cheque.
  • All the patent applications must bear the signature of the authorised person or the applicant or the patent attorney along with the date and the name.