SSI registration in Bangalore

Small scale industries contribute significantly to a nation's economic growth. They are exempt from income tax for a five-year period from their commencement, but certain criteria must be met to avail these benefits:

  • The small scale unit should not be formed by reorganizing or splitting an existing business.
  • Accounts should be managed by a chartered accountant.
  • The manufacturing unit with power should employ 10 or more workers.
  • Machinery or plant previously used for any purpose cannot be transferred to the new business.

Advantages of small scale industries:

Opportunities for entrepreneurship:

SSI is ideal for entrepreneurs with limited capital. It demands lower investment in machines and technology, making it accessible for small entrepreneurs to significantly contribute to national development.


Small scale industries contribute around 40% to our country's export industry. Often, large-scale industries manufacture products exported to SSI. This collaboration allows them to directly or indirectly contribute to exports, earning valuable foreign exchange.

Contribution to industrial output:

Small scale industries with online SSI registration in Bangalore contribute significantly to the country's industrial output. They produce a wide range of consumer goods and industrial components in large volumes, meeting consumer needs. These goods are often more affordable, aiming to fulfil the needs of the economically disadvantaged.

Domestic resources:

Small scale industries which get SSI registration online in Bangalore efficiently use local resources. They encourage turning small savings into productive enterprises, boosting investment and capital formation in the economy.

Cost efficiency:

SSI that has SSI registration certificate uses lean production methods, providing better quality and diverse products at a lower cost compared to large-scale industries. It's a more cost-efficient approach.


Customers seek products that meet their unique requirements, demanding customization. Small scale industries with SSI registration online, excel in customization, meeting individual needs, while large scale industries struggle due to their focus on mass production, making customization challenging.

Documents required for small scale industries:

  • Passport-sized photos of partners/proprietors/directors.
  • For a private company: Submit the Memorandum and Articles of Association, along with the Certificate of Incorporation. A director must sign the application form authorizing the resolution and attend an interview.
  • Provide NOC or rental receipt from the landlord as proof of ownership.
  • Obtain a consent letter from the pollution control committee for provisional registration in industrial areas.
  • For a partnership unit: Submit a photocopy of the partnership deed.