Trademark Registration in Bangalore

Trademark Registration in Bangalore

The trademark registration in Bangalore has now become hassle free and easy as pie. Trademark is an exclusive name or a symbol that represents a company, a commodity or a brand that is registered legally which provides protection to the brand. It also prevents other entities from using your own brand name. The trademark holder is the sole entity who can utilize it and grant permission if there is a need for others to use it. Brand name has a great power that holds a deep value in the market. It's a great marketing tool that increases the company value and constructs reliability among shareholders and patrons. This makes you stand out of the crowd and symbolizes an individual identity.

A trademark can be a sign, tagline, mark, catchy phrases, logo or combination of words, colours and shapes. It can even be a kind of label, or even numerical values, company or brand name and captions. Trademark is an intangible asset that leads way to avail multiple benefits.

There is a meaningful difference between the trade name and a trade mark. The trade mark depicts the product which is involved in trade whereas the trade name determines a company.

According to the legal law, trademark acts as a legal protector from illegal third parties and it advertises the company in an indirect manner. The rightful owner of the company have all the privileged rights over the usage of the trademark.

Leverages of trademark and its registration:

Exclusive Integrity:

It is easy for customers to identify your brand in between thousands of product brands. The trademark easily gets registered in the minds of people for years and years.

Trust building and good will:

The trust and good will on the trade mark creates many loyal customers who always opt for the same brand repeatedly which grows the business successfully.

Protection against infringement:

No competitor can use the logo or brand which is registered by you under trademark norms. If someone uses without the approval of the owner, the owner can get legal protection against the infringement.

Exclusivity Security:

Trade mark registration plays a vital role and cost- effective quickest way in business which ensures legitimate exclusivity for the usage of trademark.

Global Coverage:

Trade mark registration gives nationwide expansion and protection. If a person wants to register the trademark outside India, the registered Indian trade mark is the basic platform for abroad registration.

Documents Required for Trade mark Registration:

  • Entire name, nationality of the trademark applicant and nature of the business.
  • Partner's detail if it is a partnership firm.
  • Signed copy of power of attorney by the applicant .
  • Power of attorney signed copy by the Director/ legal representative of the company if it is a corporate body.
  • Endorsed copy of the application which is for preference that has to be filed in a period of 3 months from the registered date.
  • Registered logo or trademark in JPEG format.
  • Exact meaningful mark.
  • Date of first use of service or trade mark.