Trademark Registration in Bangalore

A trademark is a thing which your brand is associated with. It is a significant one to start-ups and trademark gives you a legal protection to your brand. It may be of any symbol or a word or a combination of both which is used to represent or identify a product whereas a service mark is used to identify a service. It’s a valuable marketing tool and a trademark or a service mark is used to prevent another person to use or offer a similar products or services to yours. Trademark increases the company value in the market and creates reliability among investors and customers.

A trademark could be a corporate symbol which contributes to the image that the company is trying to build up. It is the quality of excellence which identifies the company as a unique one. As like logo, a trademark can be shape, colour or a combination of both.

Another important thing is to understand, the trademark is different from the trade name. The trade name identifies a company whereas a trademark identifies a product.

In the legal side, trademark is a form of legal production from the unauthorised parties. It indirectly promotes the company, being a rightful owner of the company; you have all the exclusive rights over its usage.

Advantages of trademark and its registration:

Unique identity:

Branding the goods and services and provides a unique name is only possible if your trademark got registered.

Trust or goodwill:

Creating goodwill, sense of trust and quality in the minds of the consumers would be very useful for a successful business.


Registered trademark gives you a strong legal protection. If you find that your registered mark is being infringed, it is easy to establish your rights in the court. It is enormously valuable even the trademark is intangible.

Geographical coverage:

Registering the trademarks gives you the nationwide protection. If you want to expand further, this would give you the right platform to exhibit your products in other countries. This can be possible even before commence the trading in those countries.

Securing exclusivity:

Registering the trademark is the most cost-effective and the quickest way to ensure the legal exclusivity for the use of the mark or logo. It reduces the risk of using your name or logo by other traders.

Documents required for trademark registration:

  • Full name, nature of business and nationality of applicant is required.
  • If the applicant is in a partnership firm, he needs to mention all his partners’ details.
  • Power of attorney which has to be signed by the applicant and in case if it is a corporate body that has to be signed by the director or the legal representative of the company.
  • Logo or trademark which is to be registered in JPEG format.
  • List the goods or services and class of such goods or services for which the trademark to be registered.
  • Date of the first use of trademark or service mark in India.
  • The mark which is to be proposed need to have the exact meaning.
  • Certified copy of the application which is for convention priority (if applicable) that has to be filed within 3 months from the filing date.