Society formation in Bangalore

A society can be referred as a company or association of persons unites together in the form of mutual consent to determine, deliberate and act jointly for a common purpose. Society has more democratic setup with the elected body and the membership in order to manage the society. The members of the society should remain in control when they are elected to the managing committee. But, at the same time if they wish to exit from the society it can be possible. As per the members and their wish the society can be in existence. Modification is very simple here which means the renewal of members and objects can be done. Winding up of a society is also much easier.

Societies are generally established for the promotion of fine arts, literature, science, and the diffusion of useful knowledge, the foundation or maintenance of libraries, the diffusion of political education, reading rooms for general use among the members or bring it to the public, or galleries of paintings, art works, public museums, collection of natural history, instruments, designs or philosophical inventions etc.

Requirements of a society formation:

  • Minimum of seven members are required to form a society.
  • Have to file a memorandum of association on non-judicial stamp paper and setting out the objectives of the society in front ofregistrar of societies in the state where the society is setup.
  • Registration of society is undertaken by the two basic documents such as memorandum of understanding and articles of association with the specified rules and regulations. This document consists of occupation, name and address of all the members with the power, rights, duties and responsibilities of each member and the governing body.
  • Management of society would run by the governing body, no stamp paper is required for society registration and succession is management will be decided by the election.
  • Annual general meeting and the governing body meeting will be conducted as per the societies act. Management affairs of the society entrusted to the governing body. General body members duties include the alteration of name, election of governing body members, rules and regulations if necessary. Foreigner can also be a member in the society.

Documents required for society formation:

The following documents need to be filed along with the registrar or the respective registering authority of the respective state:

  • Covering letter which requests for registration.
  • Duly signed copy of the rules and regulation of the society.
  • House tax receipt or rent receipt can be provided for the premises as a documentary proof which shown as registered office of the society.
  • No objection certificate from the owner of the premise.
  • Affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper of appropriate value which is sworn by the president or the secretary of the society stating that relationship with the subscribers to be duly attested.
  • Memorandum of association should be produced along with the certified copy. The memorandum should be typed with the serially numbered pages.
  • Sufficient documentary proof which establishes the legal competence and the control of applicant society over such place should be filed.