Can I apply for IEC without GST?



IEC code implies Import Export Code. According to the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) in India, each shipper and exporter have expectation to get an IEC code to begin Import export from India. Without the IEC code, no shipper and exporter is approved to do import trade business.

Indeed, RBI has made IEC Registration necessary for every one of the brokers to give their IEC Codes or IEC code web based during any payment moves. Merchant exporter code once given can be applied by the element all by its presence and it surely requires no restoration.

At the point when the organization has gotten an IEC license, by then the organization can remember import-export necessities without any issues. To check IEC status you can visit the DGFT IEC portal and you can verify the IEC code after its registration.

What happens if I import something without IEC?

Might it be said that you are a finance manager who is engaged in the import and commodity business? Indeed, you should know that there are various sorts of desk work and norms you want to consistently meet to maintain your business. Given the kind of business, you need to finish a reasonable level of effort.

Thus, If you are in the import and commodity business, one of the key angles that you want to meet is the IEC code or the Import Export Code. This code is given by the DGFT or the Director-General of Foreign Trade. The registration can be done through IE code registration in Coimbatore.

They will have a more critical gander at every one of the records and supporting confirmations like PAN cards, address verification, power bills, and others. Any person who wishes to begin an import and commodity business should have the IEC from IE code registration in Coimbatore. This is a 10-digit number.

The most awesome aspect of the IEC code is that once you get this code, then you don’t have to restore it, and it likewise allows you to profit from specific advantages given by the government to the enrolled import and product organization.

IEC isn’t obligatory for those organizations which are enrolled under GST. Their PAN is viewed as the new IE code. Consequently, for any import or product, you will utilize your PAN card as your IEC code.

Nonetheless, you should realize that IEC isn’t necessary assuming you are bringing in and sending out products for individual use and it isn’t so much for any business use. Likewise, any import and commodity done by the Government of India Department and Ministries and Notified Charitable Institutions needn’t bother with the IEC obtained from IE code registration in Coimbatore.

According to the trade round, there are two sorts of classifications to be managed: A. Individual enrolled under GST B. Individuals not enrolled under GST IE Code for Person Registered under GST according to the Trade round, If you are enlisted for GST, GSTIN number might be utilized with the end goal of import and commodity in India.

Nonetheless, to keep up with consistency, the division has concurred that PAN ought to be utilized as an IEC number and not the GSTIN number. Additionally, for new candidates, the application will be shipped to off DGFT division and the division will give the IEC number as your PAN number as it were.

Further, the current IEC holder, the office is rolling out expected improvements to the system with the goal that the PAN number can be acknowledged as the IEC code.

IEC Code for Person not enlisted under GST

For people who are not expected to register under GST, the PAN number will function as an IEC code. Further, for all new candidates who are not expected to enlist under GST, the application will be made to DGFT, and the candidate’s PAN will be approved as IEC from IE code registration in Coimbatore.

IE code registration in CBE

Status of existing IEC holder

The DGFT is assuming the liability to roll out essential improvements in the system so the PAN of existing IEC holders will turn into their new IEC code. So in answer to the subject question, an application for allocation of IEC code must be made to DGFT regardless of whether IEC will be the same as PAN as it were.

Validity of IEC

IE Code enlistment is a proceeding with registration that is substantial for a lifetime. In this way, there will be no difficulties in refreshing, recording, and recharging IE Code enlistment by IE code registration in Coimbatore. It is substantial until the business perseveres or the enlistment is dropped or surrendered.

Also, dissimilar to burden enlistments like GST Registration or PF Registration, the merchant or exporter doesn’t have to document any filings or follow some other consistency like a yearly recording.

As IE code registration is one-time and needs no additional consistency, it has the endorsement for all organizations and LLPs to get IE code after incorporation.

IEC Exemption

The individual included for import and export of goods for individual reasons and not connected with trade, cultivation, and assembling are absolved from getting IEC enlistment/IEC license.

Individuals who export/import products to/from Nepal and Myanmar by Indo-Myanmar periphery zones and China with the single trade which doesn’t surpass in Indian money Rs.25, 000 needn’t need with IEC. The IEC can have registration in IE code registration in Coimbatore.

Exemption from getting an import export code license won’t be appropriate for the product of Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment, and Technologies (SCOMET) as verified in Appendix – 3, Schedule 2 of ITC (HS).

Changes under GST for IEC

GST is very notable as Goods and service tax in India which was acquainted with incorporating all the aberrant expenses into one duty that is GST. After the execution of Goods and Services Tax in the GST system, GSTIN will be utilized for the credit stream of IGST paid on the import of products. Be that as it may, the PAN is an identifier at the substance level of the limit though GSTIN would be utilized as an identifier at the exchange level for all imports and products.

The UIN or PAN will be taken as an IEC license. All shippers are expected to request GSTIN in their solicitations in joining IEC Registration. The registration can be done by IE code registration in Coimbatore. The progressions after GST are executed as follows:

After the execution of the GST (Goods and Services Tax), the merchants need to submit just their GST Identification Number (GSTIN) at the hour of import or export.

With the execution of the GST, GSTIN utilizes reasons for the credit stream of IGST on the import of products. Likewise, for a discount or refund of IGST connected to the export of goods.

As per the declaration given by the government, IEC enlistment won’t be obligatory for all brokers who are recorded under GST.

Export/Import done by the Government of India Departments and Ministries, Notified Charitable Institutions should not have to get Import Export Code enlistment from IE code registration in Coimbatore.

Import Export Code (IEC) registration isn’t supposed to have taken in the event that the products sent out or imported are for individual use and have no rehearsal for any business reason.

To develop the business and benefit the government benefits the shipper and the exporter need to have the GST number and Import-Export Code registration.

For further details about IE code registration whichever city you may be, please click here.

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