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  • Company Registration

    A company brings together multiple individuals who can contribute funds or valuable assets towards a shared goal. This pooling of resources serves a common purpose.

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  • Trademark Registration

    A trademark is something that represents your brand. It's crucial for start-ups as it provides legal protection for your brand. Having a trademark safeguards your brand identity.

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  • ISO Certification

    The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), established in 1987, sets the blueprint for a company's management system structure. It outlines how a company organizes its management processes.

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  • GST Registration

    GST strives to improve the nation by creating a unified market with standardized tax rates, eliminating economic barriers for smoother trade and growth.

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  • Barcode Registration

    Barcode technology provides multiple advantages and has gained extensive use. It enhances speed, efficiency, and precision in various operations.

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  • Patent Registration

    While patents are often associated with researchers and scientists, they're not exclusive to them. Patents protect inventions, making them accessible to anyone who creates something new.

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WelCome To Earn Logic Consultants LLP

Welcome to 'Earnlogic', a leading business service provider based in Bangalore. We offer a distinctive platform for young, ambitious minds to showcase their ideas. Our legal consulting services aim to fulfil their dreams and aspirations.

  • We aim to enhance service efficiency and deliver top-notch quality services to benefit our customers.
  • Our aspiration is to achieve customer satisfaction by delivering our best services.
  • We help boost your brand and provide cost-effective solutions for your needs.
  • We strive to resolve clients' business challenges and ensure 100% satisfaction.
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