AEPC Registration

AEPC Registration

AEPC is the position body of apparel exporters in India that gives huge assistance to Indian exporters similarly as transporters/overall buyers who pick India as their supported sourcing objective for pieces of clothing. A wide look at how the Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) has been the forward power behind parcel of accomplishment

Objectives of AEPC Registration

  • AEPC is accepted all of the commitments relating on the improvement and expansion of Indian piece of apparel export and import. To develop plan networks, to foster additionally created plan and models and pieces of clothing sensible for export, to chip away at the attributes and rules of the surfaces and pieces of dress by getting particular ability, to help export formation of significant worth pieces of apparel and to endeavour fundamental investigation in styles, plans and techniques and to empower creation of pieces of attire for exports.
  • To endeavour getting ready of workers and particular staff, to chip away at the capacity of workers busy with piece of attire creating in India and to help the mechanical base of the piece of clothing industry.

Eligibility for AEPC:

  • In any case the sort of the firm the candidate should have the enlisted organization.
  • An individual ought to be finished the age furthest reaches of 21.
  • Proprietor of the organization, investors and accomplices not irritate any method of court law.
  • Assortment of business ought to surpass more than crore from somewhere around three back to back monetary year of business progress.
  • Exporter's turnover of articles of clothing ought to appropriately certified by an Outlined Bookkeeper

Documents required For AEPC Registration

  • Self-certified duplicate of the IEC issued by the authorizing authority (DGFT)
  • Duly legally approved, an endeavour on non-legal stamp paper
  • A self-certified duplicate of Reminder and Articles of Affiliation or Organization Deed or Endorsement of Enlistment center for a firm, according to the prerequisites
  • In instance of a Maker Exporter, a self-bore witness to duplicate of SSI Testament or Modern Permit is mandatory. .
  • All the previously mentioned documents ought to be properly legally approved on a non-legal stamp.
  • Self-verified Authentication, Letter of Aim, Modern Permit issued by the concerned Position

Benefits of AEPC registration

  • Start to complete help for people to partake in domestic and worldwide fairs.
  • Studios, courses, study social events and talks that help people with staying revived with most recent things, advancements and market information.
  • Issuance of Underwriting of Starting, Issuance of Export Execution Revelation (EPC) for commitment free import of enhancements and embellishments.
  • Admittance to industry experiences and information on happenings in the apparel business all throughout the planet, through its disseminations and articles.
  • Liberated from cost posting of things on AEPC B2B E-Business focus Passage to work with the AEPC part to include their things worldwide to apparel buyers and make a certified business.
  • AEPC is giving e-magazine containing information on approaches and drives by the Public authority of India with respect to the Apparel Business. The magazine gives huge information concerning the Style, Trade bits of knowledge, Demonstrated market reports and other viable assessment reports to help the Apparel business.


AEPC is Clothing Passage Headway Social occasion enlisted under section 25 of Associations' Showing 1956 that offers specific kinds of help and business openings for the apparel business.

AEPC's settle is at Clothing House, Institutional locale, Region 44, Gurugram-122003

Benefits like legitimization of concentrate commitments and customs commitments can be benefitted as a section accessory. AEPC, with the public position's help, is furthermore giving enactment of New Direct Hypotheses (FDI) into the Indian material and piece of dress region.

The extensive spaces of AEPC's working in corporate planning buyer trader meets, propelling help in return fairs, organizing trade pieces, conceding market data through periodicals and journals, helping people in getting money related help, etc.