Legal Metrology License in Chennai

Earnlogic is an eminent and significant Legal metrology certificate provider in Chennai. Chennai is a developing city and so many new businesses started emerging which increases the need for legal metrology license. Earnlogic helps their registrants in registration process with well experienced professionals and they serve in Avadi, Perambur, Meenambakkam, Porur and Sriperumpudur.

The international Legal registration is an inter- governmental organization that promotes legal metrology and enhances the economic level of the world. In legal metrology, the activity of import and export is involved to extend the business trade. The legal metrology is all about the requirement of measurements and measuring instruments for the protection of public safety, secure of fair trade of the consumer and enabling the tax. The legal registration is registered under the legal metrology act, 2009.

Benefits of Legal Metrology Certificate in Chennai

  • This certificate ensures whether the weights and measurements are in comply with the standards.
  • Measurements play a crucial role in the trading business; it creates a balance between the consumer and the trader and It reduces the trade cost and it supports trade.
  • The ill effects of the weight and measure errors are reduced through legal metrology certificate
  • It leads the business by the way of assuming the significant job in reducing the revenue losses in industries and railways.
  • It makes sure whether the measuring instruments are kept intact and in good working conditions.

Documents Required for Legal metrology registration.

Documents For manufacturer:

  • The Applicant or the partner’s Photographs, Identity and Address proof
  • Date of Birth Proof of applicant/partners
  • Ownership proof and Location of the proposed premises.
  • Partnership deed, in case of partnership firms and list of machinery and tools
  • Model approval certificate, issued by the Director, with respect to the proposed weighing and measuring instrument
  • Affidavit to state that applicant would adhere to the legal provisions and the directions issued by the Controller.
  • Affidavit to state that applicant had neither been punished by any Court nor any criminal proceeding pending in any court.
  • Registration document of factory/ shop/ establishment/ municipal trade license.
  • Photo copy VAT/CST/GST Registration / photo copy of PAN card.

Types of legal Metrology

Industrial Metrology – The aim of industrial metrology is to secure the instruments It is widely used in the manufacturing industries and in factories. It plays a vital role in designing and testing of the aircrafts.

Scientific Metrology – This type of metrology is engaged with the organization and development of measurement standards and with their maintenance. Scientific metrology mainly concentrates in research and latest technologies for industries concerning government, healthcare, and research for commercial products.