Legal Metrology License in Chennai

Earnlogic stands as a prominent Legal Metrology certification provider in Chennai, catering to the burgeoning businesses in the city. Their services cover areas like Avadi, Perambur, Meenambakkam, Porur, and Sriperumpudur, assisting registrants through the registration process with their skilled professionals.

International Legal registration, a global intergovernmental organization, fosters legal metrology and elevates the world's economic status. It involves import-export activities to bolster business trade. Legal metrology primarily ensures measurement accuracy, secure trade for consumers, and tax facilitation. Registered under the Legal Metrology Act of 2009, this registration is crucial for businesses.

Benefits of Legal Metrology Certificate in Chennai

  • This certificate verifies the compliance of weights and measurements with established standards.
  • In trade, accurate measurements are pivotal, fostering equilibrium between consumers and traders while cutting trade costs and supporting commerce.
  • The negative impact of errors in weights and measures is mitigated through legal metrology certificates.
  • It significantly reduces revenue losses in industries and railways, leading the way for businesses.
  • Ensuring the integrity and proper functioning of measuring instruments is a key role of legal metrology certificates.

Documents Required for Legal metrology registration.

Documents For manufacturer:

  • Photos and ID proof of the applicant or partners
  • Proof of birthdate for the applicant or partners
  • Documents showing ownership and location of the proposed business premises
  • For partnership firms: Partnership agreement, and a list of machinery and tools
  • Certification of model approval for the proposed weighing and measuring instrument, issued by the Director
  • An affidavit stating the applicant's commitment to adhere to legal provisions and Controller's directions
  • Another affidavit confirming no past criminal convictions or pending court proceedings against the applicant.
  • Registration documents for the factory/shop/establishment/municipal trade license
  • Copy of VAT/CST/GST Registration or PAN card photocopy.

Types of legal Metrology

Industrial Metrology – Industrial Metrology ensures the accuracy of instruments widely applied in manufacturing and factory settings. It's crucial for aircraft design and testing.

Scientific Metrology – Scientific Metrology focuses on establishing and maintaining measurement standards. It's dedicated to research, technology advancements, and standards for various sectors like government, healthcare, and commercial products.