Coir Board Registration in Chennai

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Established under the Coir Industry Act No. 45 of 1953, the Coir Board is a government-enabled statutory body mandated to foster and advance the coir industry with central government support. It rigorously regulates and oversees coir products like coir fibre, coconut husk, and coir yarn, crucial for business improvement.

The coir industry remains a pivotal traditional sector, still holding economic significance. All coir exports and imports fall under the purview of the Coir Board Act. The board licenses retting places and warehouses, manages stocks, and facilitates sales of coir fibre and yarn for both domestic and international markets. Promoting and developing coir products, the board exports coir yarn globally, enhancing the Indian coir industry's growth and standing.

Documents required For Coir Board Registration

For your application, prepare these documents:

  • Application in Annexure II form
  • Original and copy of the overseas buyer’s export order
  • PAN card copy
  • Financial status certificate from a nationalized bank
  • Exporter's Code of Conduct
  • IE code copy
  • Udyog Aadhar copy
  • Certificate of insurance copy
  • Partnership firm deed, Memorandum of Association, and Article of Association, if applicable
  • SSI certificate copy, if a small-scale industry is involved.

These documents re necessary for Coir board registration in Chennai.

Benefits Of Coir Board Registration in Chennai

  • It oversees training programs,
  • gathers manufacturer statistics,
  • sets industry standards,
  • enhances husk marketing, and
  • Encourages cooperative organizations.

List of coir products

  • Bristle fibre
  • Retted Fibre
  • Unretted fibre
  • Coir yarn
  • Dholls
  • Fibre mats
  • Powerloom creel mats
  • Loop mats
  • Mesh mats
  • Sinnet mats
  • Ribbed mattings
  • Cricket pitch matting
  • Basket weaving
  • Rope mats