Barcode Registration in Chennai

Earnlogic offers barcode registration in Chennai services, guided by experienced professionals, now available in various areas including Ambattur, Velacherry, Adayar, Guidy, Mylapore, Saidapet, and Porur. Their affordable services assist clients effectively.

Barcodes, represented by lines, carry product details. They're machine-readable, swiftly identifying products. Comprising lines and spaces, each barcode is unique, encoding specific details such as batch or serial numbers. Accessible via barcode readers, it's a quick and simple process. Barcodes with online barcode registration in Chennai come in types like EAN-13 (13 digits) and UPC-A (12 digits), serving international article numbering and universal parcel coding purposes respectively. Integral to the supply chain, they aid manufacturers, transporters, and wholesalers, reducing errors and time consumption. Cost-effective and customizable, barcodes are easy to obtain and print.

They play a crucial role in generating product bills across multiple sectors like departmental stores, pharmacies, and theaters. Their efficiency in error reduction and time-saving makes them an invaluable asset in diverse business operations.

Benefits of Barcode registration

  • Cost-effective implementation
  • Immediate data access
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Error reduction
  • Accelerated processes
  • Time-saving benefits

Documents Required For Barcode Registration

  • Barcode allotment request letter (on company letterhead)
  • Audited balance sheet copy
  • Applicant's PAN card
  • GST registration certificate
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Partnership deed
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Copy of a cancelled cheque

These are the documents required for Barcode registration in Chennai.

Types of barcodes GS1

GS1 Data bar family codes:

These codes are employed for tagging fresh food items, containing essential details such as batch numbers and expiry dates.

GS1 EAN/UPC codes:

These barcodes with GS1 barcode registration are instantly recognizable and commonly found on various consumer products.

Gs1 1D barcodes:

: Used to track items across global supply chains, GST-128, a type of GS1 1D barcode, includes information like expiration dates and serial numbers.