Trademark registration in Chennai

Trademark registration in Chennai is a straightforward task and it is one of the intellectual property rights which can also be described as intangible asset. Our reputed firm has now extended its firm in various places of Chennai like Ambattur, Ramapuram, Thandalam, Avadi and Kodambakkam. We Earnlogic in Chennai is the best consultant which is in front for serving our valuable clients. It acts as a protective cover for the company’s investment. The registration provides the right to sue against the infringers.A Trademark is an easily identifiable symbol, phrase, or a word that denotes a specific product. A Trademark should be chosen carefully with the advice of the Trademark Attorneys According to the trademark rules in India words, slogans, images, colours, combination of colours, sound, smell and taste can be registered.

It is a visual representation of the above said features. We have a group of professionals who works for the satisfaction of the clients sincerely and we always hold the torch till you reach the goal.Trademark registration in Chennai with Earnlogic is the best choice for carrying out the trademark registration. It can be registered under the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademark, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. Any person- a proprietor of the company or legal entity can apply for the

registration of trademark. It identifies the service or the product and its source. It is helpful in advertising the product or service and trademark gives the quality of the services provided or the goods that are produced. It provides the exclusivity of the product to the owner. It serves as a proof of validity and in many of the legal proceeding, the trademark registration serves as prima facie evidence to prove the validity. Trademark registration in Chennai is always the best choice for all kind of person since registrations are done at an affordable cost. The trademark when registered can also be used to secure the loans from the bank.

Documents required for Trademark registration

  • The name of the applicant
  • The address and nationality of the applicant
  • A copy of the brand or any slogan as desired by the applicant
  • The identity and the business proofs
  • Form 48 which is signed by the applicant
  • In case of any partnership or LLP or any of the partnership firm is involved in trademark registration, then incorporation certificate is needed.

What are the Steps involved in trademark registration?

Following are the steps to perform the trademark registration in Chennai.

  • Trademark search
  • Filing the trademark application
  • Examination of the trademark registration
  • Publication in the journal
  • Opposition from the public if any
  • If no opposition then registration of trademark is done