Legal Metrology Certification

Legal Metrology

Legal metrology involves ensuring accurate measurement standards, instruments, and practices used in daily transactions. This oversight is vital to guarantee precision in measurements affecting the public interest. It's carried out by a dedicated legal metrology body or assigned within a broader metrology and accreditation framework.

Mandatory details essential for Packed or Repacked items:

  • Include producer/packer details and the product's weight, manufacturing date, and month on the packaging.
  • Highlight the Maximum Retail Price (MRP).
  • Clearly label the net content on the package.

Documents required

  • Candidate's Name Full address of the destination for pre-packaging or import.
  • Name of the product intended for pre-packaging or import.
  • List the names/details of Managers/Partners/Owners of the product.


  • Reduces Transaction Costs
  • Encourages Trade Activities
  • Boosts Government Revenue
  • Lowers Technical Trade Barriers
  • Enhances Consumer Trust


Legal Metrology covers the aspects of measurement units, weighing methods, and instruments, ensuring their accuracy and compliance with mandatory standards. Its aim is to guarantee public confidence in the safety and accuracy of measurements.

To ensure consistent enforcement of these laws across the nation, the Government has established regulations like the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011, the Legal Metrology (General) Rules, 2011, and the Meghalaya Legal Metrology (Enforcement) Rules, 2011.

Yes, the Department issues licenses to manufacturers, sellers, and repairers of weights and measures, making it mandatory for dealing with measuring instruments.

Every weight and measure produced adheres to the specifications mandated by the Government of India. These instruments used by merchants undergo verification and marking by the Controller of the Legal Metrology Division. Once verified, they are sealed to ensure the authenticity of the examiner's stamp and the quarter where the verification was conducted.

The Legal Metrology Division's regulator is responsible for granting permits. To obtain a permit, businesses need to submit their application to the Legal Metrology Examiner for assessment. Once reviewed by the examiner, the recommendation is forwarded to the regulator for further consideration.

Anyone or any business that pre-packs goods for sale, whether in containers or any packaging suitable for sale, is considered a Packer. These Packers must register themselves with this Office.

A product placed in a package without the buyer being there, regardless of its nature, and sealed in a way that it contains a predetermined quantity, is considered a pre-packaged product.

No. Cheating is an offense for which the dealer can be indicted.

Calibration refers to the essential procedures involved in assessing the accuracy of weight or measurements. It includes examining and marking the capacity of vehicle tanks, compartments, or equipment if needed. This process helps determine the accuracy and other measurement properties of these instruments. It may also involve adjusting the positions of check stamps or scale marks for allowing the use of weights or measures as standards.