Design Registration in Chennai

Design registration in Chennai is important since the uniqueness of the design is protected. We Earnlogic is one of the reputed firm and has now extended our wings in various places of Chennai like Perambur, Madhavaram, Adayar, Redhills, Poonamalle and Porur. The design comprises the shapes, figures and the combination of colours. We have a group of professionals who take part in the design registration and follow the process from the beginning till end.

Under the Designs Act 2000, configuration and pattern of the design should be visible. It gives the owner the validity for the design for 10 years. The attractiveness of the product is also considered. Design registration in Chennai is important since it gives the protection against the infringers. It is somewhat a tedious process and it can be done by the registrar. Only the registered design can be applied to any kind of article.

The design should be new and original and it should not have been disclosed in the public. It should not contain any scandalous matter as design and it should be appealing to the eyes and should have mere mechanical contrivance. Any person may be person, firm or any corporate can apply for the design registration. This registration is done so as to ensure the design creator is not deprived of the bonafide reward. The registered person has all the rights to sell or lend the design. Design registration in Chennai is important since it gives all kind of protection to the owner.

Documents required for Design Registration

  • A certified copy of the original from the disclaimers
  • Affidavit
  • Declarations

Registration procedure for Design Registration

  • Fill the design registration application form 1
  • Dating of application
  • Examination of the application
  • If objection is raised & no response, it will be abandoned
  • If no objection then it will be accepted
  • There will be notification in the official journal
  • Then finally, the certificate is issued.