Patent registration in Chennai

Patent Registration in Chennai

Patent registration in Chennai secures inventors' rights, granting them recognition and economic advantages. At Earnlogic, we extend our services across various areas in Chennai, such as Nungambakkam, Kodambakkam, Royapettaah, Saidapettai, and Kilpauk. Patents encourage innovation and offer exclusive rights to their owners, preventing unauthorized duplication and sale. Seen as a form of Intellectual Property Rights, patents have a 20-year validity and can be transferred by their creators.

Patent registration in Chennai acknowledges novel creations, aiding business expansion and asset protection. They act as barriers for potential competitors and stimulate settlements. High returns on investments, acknowledgment, and economic rights motivate inventors, boosting confidence among venture capitalists. Continued patent exclusivity fosters goodwill. However, certain aspects like agricultural methods, abstract ideas, mathematical theories, or practices contrary to public morality cannot be patented.

There are some types of patent application.

Online Patent registration in Chennai involves several types of applications like the

  • ordinary, Patent of addition,
  • divisional patent, and
  • International patents.

Once registered, acquiring these patents becomes challenging. Recognition of inventions and inventors is crucial for showcasing societal growth both nationally and internationally.

Documents required for patent registration

  • Form No 1 for the application
  • Provisional specification if the complete one isn't ready
  • Complete specification in Form No 2
  • Power of attorney, and if it's through a patent agent, their power of attorney.

  • Form No 2

    The following steps are performed for patent registration in Chennai.

  • Checking for patentability or conducting a novelty search
  • Preparing the patent application
  • Publishing the patent application
  • Evaluating the patent application
  • Granting the patent.