Patent Registration in Chennai

Patent registration in Chennai is done since patent gives the inventor the rights to acquire the honor and economical benefits. We Earnlogic are in the front to serve our clients. Our reputed firm has now extended its wings in various places of Chennai like Nungambakkam, Kodambakkam, Royapettah, Saidapettai and Kilpauk. A patent is considered as a form of encouragement for the innovations. The exclusivity of the patent is granted to the owner. It gives restrictions to the people to copy and sell without prior permission. Like any other forms of property the patent can also be treated high and it is also called as Intellectual property rights. It can be transferred by the inventor with a validity of twenty years.

Patent registration in Chennai is important as the novel creation is given recognition. The patent protection helps in the expansion of the business and it safeguards the property. For many of the potential competitors, the patent acts as a barrier and also encourages the settlement. Since the return on investment is high, the inventions will be recognized, given economical rights and honor. Hence it serves as a motivation for the public thereby increases the confidence for the venture capitalists. The continued monopoly of the patent will result in the establishment of goodwill. Method of agriculture, mere idea, mathematical, business method, contrary to the public morality can never be patented.

There are some types of patent application.

They are:

  • Ordinary patent application,
  • Patent of addition,
  • Divisional patent application and
  • The international application
  • Patent registration in Chennai is important - once if it is registered then it will be difficult to acquire. When inventions and the inventors are honored only then the society will expose the growth nationally and internationally.

Documents required for patent registration

  • Patent application Form No 1
  • Provisional specification if complete specification is not available
  • Complete specification in Form no 2
  • Power of attorney
  • Power of attorney if filed through patent agent.

  • Form No 2

    The following steps are performed for patent registration in Chennai.

  • Patentability or the novelty search
  • Drafting the patent application
  • Publication of the patent application
  • Examination of patent application
  • Grant of patent