APEDA Registration

APEDA is brief expansion for Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority. It is a leader association set up in 1985 through a represent the development and advancement of export of planned products. It gives monetary help, data, and rules towards the development of planned products. The products recorded under the APEDA Act are called plan products, and, the exporters who need to export such booked products will get their self-enrolled under APEDA

Documents required for APEDA Registration

  • Explicitly marked application structure for APEDA enrollment
  • Import Fare code (IEC) archive copy
  • Approved sign on bank certificate report
  • Explanation of bank accounts (Most recent multi month proclamation)
  • Dropped check

Benefits of APEDA Registration

  • Improves the development and advancement of export foundation.
  • Gives rules.
  • Helps in benefiting the monetary help.
  • Brand Exposure.

Function of APEDA

  • Advancement of the export-situated creation.
  • Development of the planned products.
  • Recommending standards and details for the booked products.
  • Enlistment of the exporters managing in the planned products after due installment of required charges
  • Improvising the bundling and advertising of the Planned Products.
  • Completing review and assessment of the booked products to guarantee their quality.
  • Giving preparing in a few parts of the enterprises identified with the booked products.
  • Development of the businesses identifying with the booked products, and likewise attempted different overviews, achievability contemplates, and so forth
  • Assortment of insights from different manufacturing plant or foundation proprietors and additionally the distribution of such gathered measurements.


The most recent information on export of APEDA products can be gotten to at APEDA site at Agri Trade.

APEDA enlistment stays substantial till lifetime. Nonetheless, the authority has an option to drop it.

Each person who is an exporter of Booked Products will acquire APEDA enlistment. An individual can be enlisted either as- A dealer exporter or, An assembling exporter.

RCMC stands for Registration cum Membership Certificate.

APEDA Authority is answerable for advancement of exports of farming and processed food products.

APEDA enlistment once got is substantial for lifetime. In this way, it doesn't have any reestablishment prerequisites.