Patent registration can assist you with getting a patent of a property perfect to an improvement finished by an individual or firm. IP office has been begun by Indian government to give you the full perfect to register your creation under patent (yet just if it is stand-out). Therefore the proprietor must convey all of the checks related to the advancement as asked by the company. It furthermore ensures that proprietor gets more tendency over other individual for your particular improvement. In India, Patent is being spoken to by the Patent Act 1970 and Patent Rules 1972.Patent does not last for a lifetime. If  you record a patent now, following a time of 20 years it falls under the general population area. The innovation can be anything, for example, process, strategy to make, machine, computer software, specialized application, chemicals or drugs.

procedure of patent registration

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What is a patent?

The system of patenting in India is monitored by the Patent Act, 1970 and The Patent Rules 1972. TA patent is a grant given by the patent office of India that allows the owner to use his patent for a limited period of time during the development phase of the invention. This right can keep other from using, processing, selling and importing the product or process anywhere in the country without the legal consent from the owner of the patent.

Procedure for Patent registration

Fill application form for patent registration

You need fill an application form with all the basic information required for the patent registration.

Conduct patent search

A patentability search will be done after receiving all the documents.

Prepare application


The Patent application will be drafted based on the information and documents provided.

Patent submission

The patent registration application shall be filed with the Indian Patent office after the final review. After submitting the documents and Patent application, the acknowledgement will be mailed to the person concerned.

Criteria for filling a patent


some piece of it has another improvement and has not been distributed in India or somewhere else before the date of documenting of the patent application in India.

Inventive step/non obvious

If somebody who is gifted in that specific field would view the innovation as a startling or amazing improvement on the development date.

Industrial applicability

Invention should  be valuable, to such an extent that it tends to be utilized in an industry.

Steps for patent registration

Patent Registration is generally a technique to record an application to enlist the advancement made under Patent Act. It outfits you with the monumental plan of action to use your advancement for the general population. As it is an exceptionally authentic issue so the individual should archive this application really to avoid any future discussion regarding the infringement. Preceding requesting of for the patent, there are some key centers which ought to be sought after appropriately.

1)Patent inquiry

The most broadly made inquiry among individuals is how might they complete a patent pursuit. Along these lines, earnlogic performs patent registration for all the present improvements on the likelihood that you are endeavoring to patent. If there is a patent starting at now on the contemplated, than patent isn’t yielded. Patent chase saves you from the effort of encountering the year long patent registration process. You can stop if the patent is as of now enrolled.

2)Patent significance

Patent which are enrolled in India is legitimate for India solely. It anchors your creation in India just and does not make a difference to various countries. There is a method to anchor your creation in various countries too. For same, you need to apply for an alternate application in each country.

3)File patent application

A patent registration application ought to be enlisted with the division before uncovering all of the experiences in regards to your improvement.

4)Patent audit

The Patent office of the Indian government studies your patent application. They additionally check for any present licenses permitted on practically identical idea. If they find the uniqueness of the advancement and patentable, they permit patent for the application.

5)Patent grant

At the point when the patent is undoubtedly, the application status is revived online at the Patent site. It can take from a half year to even 1.5 year for a patent registration to be surrendered.

Advantages of Patent registration

  • Patent protects invention

              It can help you stop others from using your invention or property. 

  • Sell or transfer patent right

   Patent registration gives a sense of ownership by allowing you sell, transfer or franchise your patent. This can eventually raise more revenue.

Patent valid for 20 years

           Your invention can be protected for a period of 20 years.

The power under section 21 of treating an application as abandoned would only be in the event no response is filed in response to the objections raised the first response was filed within time and the hearing sought was within the period prescribed under section 80 of the Act of section 21 creates a deeming fiction of abandonment. Section 21, has two aspects. One to treat the application as abandoned in the event the response is not forwarded to the Controller within the time when the objections are made known. The second, if it is the contention of the petitioner that he has compiled with the objections, can be deemed to have abandoned without giving a hearing to such applicant. Section 21 in our opinion, would require judiciously. No judicial or quasi judicial authority ordinarily in the absence of a statutory bar can decline to hear a party in respect of proceedings which would visit a party with civil consequences. The exercise of discretion has to be exercised hearing has to be given if the request is made within the time stipulated by the provisions. In that context will the provision if the objections are not filed within the time prescribed exclude such a personal hearing. Section 80 operates without prejudice to any other provisions contained in the Patent registration.

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