Agriculture and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) is an administration association laid out in 1985 through a represent the turn of events and advancement of commodity of booked products. It gives monetary help, data, and rules towards the advancement of booked products. The products determined under the APEDA ACT are called plan products and exporters of such booked products are required register under APEDA.

Objective of APEDA

The target of APEDA is to advance timetable products send out and to accomplish this different capacities has been attempted by this body under the guideline of focal government. Focal government sets out the guidelines and guideline and executes through this body for the proficient organization of APEDA Act.

Elements of APEDA Authorities

Specialists are appointed with capacities, for example,

  • Advancement of commodity situated creation and improvement of the Scheduled products
  • Setting the norms and determinations for the booked products
  • Registration of exporters of the booked products on payment of required expenses
  • Further developing bundling and showcasing of the Scheduled products
  • Doing an investigation of products to guarantee the nature of such products
  • Preparing in different parts of the enterprises associated with the booked products
  • Advancement of businesses connecting with the planned products and undertaking overviews, plausibility studies and so on
  • Assortment of insights from the proprietors of industrial facilities or foundations and distribution of such measurements

APEDA is ordered with the obligation of commodity advancement and improvement of planned products like Fruits, Vegetable, Meat, Poultry Products. Dairy Products, Confectionery, Biscuits, Bakery Products, Honey, Jaggery and Sugar Products, Cocoa products, chocolates, gardening Products. Pickles, Chutneys, some snacks and so forth

Documents expected for enlistment

  • Properly marked an application form
  • Copy of Import-Export code (IE code) gave by D.G.F.T.
  • Bank Certificate appropriately endorsed by the specialists
  • Bank A/c. explanation of the ledger of the firm (for most recent 2 months)
  • Cancelled cheque

Registration Process

For registering under APEDA, the candidate ought to present the application form within multi month from the date of undertaking the business. Assuming the exporter of planned products neglects to register within that time limit because of adequate reason, such date can be broadened simply by the Authority. When the application properly recorded and paid by the candidate, the power will give Registration – Cum-Membership-Certificate (RCMC). This enlistment is one-time registration and every one of the enlisted individuals are represented by the standards and guidelines under APEDA Act.

Online registration process

With the objective of simplification of procedures and simplicity of working with impact from 1.8.2015, the issuance of RCMC has been made online based utilizing computerized marks. Exporters can present an application on the online and the means are recorded underneath:

  • Login to the APEDA Website and click on “Register as Member” tab
  • Enter the essential detail – IE CODE, Email ID and Mobile number and afterward submit
  • Once Password for confirming the subtleties will be sent on E-mail and portable number and the equivalent must be placed on the check screen and tap on Submit to continue.
  • When confirmation is finished, fill in the online-based application and transfer the expected reports. The archives ought to be in the JPEG, PDF or PNG arranges as it were.
  • On-line application can be finished in at least one meetings by returning to the site utilizing the relegated OTP. When the data is placed in the separate fields, save the information. The information entered can be altered until online payment isn’t made.
  • After fulfilment of Payment process, an application number will be produced. This is application number and expected for future reference.
  • On issuance of RCMC, Login detail will be shipped off the registered email of the exporter. The Exporter may login into their record through “Exporter Login” associate given at APEDA site.
  • Status of the RCMC application should be visible to tapping the “Track Application” association with see what is happening with the application by introducing the IE Code and Application number until it is given.
  • Assuming there is any deficiency in the application the exporter should screen and resubmit the report on the online.

The advantages of APEDA Registration

  • As for the commodity of booked products, APEDA enlistment is required.
  • Exporters can profit the different monetary help plans of APEDA.
  • It helps the exporters in brand exposure through promotion, bundling advancement, data set up-degree and studies and so on
  • Gives rules to exporters regarding the different products and nations for send out
  • Enlisted individuals can take an interest in preparing programs coordinated by APEDA for different booked products and in this way work on their business.


Registration Cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) is a testament that approves an exporter managing items enrolled with an office/association that are approved by the Indian Government. The testament is given for quite some time by the Export Promotional Councils or ware load up in India. An exporter wanting to acquire a RCMC needs to pronounce his standard business in the application. This application would be submitted to the Export Promotion Council/Commodity Board connecting with that line of business.

RCMC registration under Export Promotion Council

A total number of 26 Export Promotion Councils and 9 products board are available in India. Items board and the Export Promotional Councils (EPC) in India are the concerned experts for giving RCMC. These establishments have been approved by the Central Government to give RCMC to the exporters.

Each EPC and the items board in India classifications itself relying upon the kind of items, on the off chance that, on the off chance that the product offering of exporter doesn’t go under the classification, then, at that point, he will apply for RCMC from FIEO.


The enrolling authority de-registers a RCMC holder for a specific period for disregarding the states of enlistment. Before such de-enlistment, the RCMC holder will be given a show notice by the enrolling authority, and a satisfactory and sensible chance to make a portrayal against the proposed de-registration. Upon, de-registration, the concerned EPC underwear the equivalent to every one of the RAs.

Appeal against de-registration

An individual wronged by a choice of enlisting expert in regard of any matter that is associated with the issue of RCMC favors an enticement for DGFT or an official will be named within 45 days against the choice and the choice of the re-appraising power would be a ultimate conclusion.