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Build a company is the first step into your growth. But without Build a brand there is no use to lead a company. If you want to run the company in a smoothest way, you have to build the brand trademarked. If your company does not build the brand then it will cause loss of the business and infringement in your business. The result all the efforts will go into water. The brand registration is imperative. Doing trademark registration you can spread your business all over the world, people identify you by the name and pictorial representation of you brand, you can make competitors, you get higher profits, you can purchase and sell the products worldwide, and lastly you will remain special among the business market.

Do you want to Build your brand?

Without the trademark registration you can’t sell your products in the market. If the products do not have the brand representation then people hesitate to buy those products. They will not get the quality assurance if your products do not contain the symbolic statement. Before starting a business you have to get the clear vision about the trademark registration and its importance. Here we are going to discuss about the Trademark registration and its importance.

What is a Brand?

The brand or trademark must be a company name, product name, or logo etc. The brand distinguishes you from others. It makes a separate priority in you among other business leaders. Make sure that your brand or trademark is unique from that of others. Then only you can apply or Build for the registration scenarios. Your trademark should different from others; it should not match with the existing company’s brand.

What is a trademark?

The trademark is a discrete symbol that makes you dissimilar from others. If you register your company under your business you will attach to the distinct group of business and any other can’t use your name and products in their name.

What are the trademarks that we can use in Bangalore?

  • Name, personal or surname of the person who is going to applied for the registration.
  • Some sort of distinct term that describes the character of goods and services. And the term should be distinct from others name.
  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Combination of letters and numbers
  • Symbols
  • Emblems
  • Shape of goods or their packaging
  • Combination of colors

Trademark Registration for your brand

Earlier, the trademark registration processes are continued in offline. But year wise it gets changed. Today the process has moved to an online portal and after the registration you can use the TM symbol by using all the providing documents.

Process for Online Trademark Registration

  1. Search for a trademark

Before applying for the trademark registration, make sure that the trademark is unique from the existing one.

Go to the Online Portal and select the class of trademark you wanted to apply. Then make the details regarding those classes.

Register for e-filing

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After choosing the correct trademark, it’s time to register it online.  Go to the government website for registration.

  • Begin the e-filing process

After the completion of the trademark search and the registration you can go ahead with filing the trademark with the registrar. The below documents also apply with the registration form.


  • Copy of the logo
  • Form 48 with attestation.
  • Registration certificate or the Partnership Agreement
  • Applicant’s identity proof
  • Address prof of the Guarantor

Finally, make the payment for trademark via online.  Once it gets filed you can use the TM symbol in your brand. After we apply the application form it will examined by the trademark departments. If the application found correct in all aspects it will revert for examinations.

Application Examination

The examination is take care by trademark examiners and once the application finds relevant and the documents seems okay it will advertise in the trademark journal. If there any objection arises then it will rejected under the trademark act, 1999. You have to clear and clarify the objection within a prescribed period of days.

Publishment in Trademark Journal
Build an Empire with Trademark registration | Earnlogic

The application of the trademark is under the list of ok then it will publish in the trademark journal. Then within four months of the publication it will reviewed by the registrar. If there any objections arises from the third party. It will be hiring for the hearing purpose. At the time of hearing both the parties have to state their level of statements.

Registration and then Certifications

After the publications of the trademark, the registration certificate will get generated under the trademark office. Once the trademark certificate gets received you can use the R symbol in your brand. The trademark applications get 18-24 months to get confirmed. Once you get register the mark it will valid for 10 years. The trademark renewal can be applied using TM-R form with concerned fees.

Registration opposition

The person can oppose the trademark application within four months of the advertisement of the form in writing in the prescribed manner with concerned fees to the registrar. The opponents or the third party have the time to raise the objection within 4 months.

Then the registrar revert back that copy of opposition to the applicant. After getting this copy the applicant have the rights to submit a counter copy by stating his grounds of opinions within 2 months of statement.

If the applicant sends the counter statement then it will revert to the third party by the registrar. The registrar acts as the intermediate between the applicant and the third parties statements. The registrar may correct the errors if anything raise on the counter statement or the opposition statements.

Evidence of the Parties
Build an Empire with Trademark registration | Earnlogic

The evidence on the counter statement and the opposition can submit along with the statements. The registrar gives time to hear that evidence.  Evidence should have to submit within the acceptable format and time. After hearing the objections the registrar considers the correct one and grants the registration process.

Registration process is time consuming. The governments provisions are varying according to the business size, each small, medium, and large business have various provisions. Register your brand before others get infringed into your business.  We Earnlogic help to get the best and stable trademark Registration in Bangalore.

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