Design comprises of shape, configuration and the pattern which is intended to represent a large company in a simple form. The graphical use of this design must be registered so that its uniqueness cannot be claimed by others. Design registration in Maruthi seva nagar bangalore says that while applying for the registration of company, design registration is important. In case of infringement the damages can be claimed or injucted.

What is IDR?


Design registration in Maruthi seva nagar bangalore says that IDR is defined as International Design Registration. One of the famous procedures is Hague procedure is WIPO formality examination. In one application the design can be registered in many countries. Many countries including Japan, China have joined to use the agreement to file for design protection. You need the name and address of the applicant. And represent the design basically in JPEG file. You need to know the fees, country or the region where you need to register. You should have specifications. Applicant resolves the issues directly with refusing countries. Design registration in  bangalore says that also protection is granted if not reduced. The drawing requirements are as follows: The scope is on the appearance, 2d, 3d, fonts, icons and animations. There is also a link between patent, trademark and copyright policies. The drawings should comply with Hague agreement. The drawing should be in black and white, pated or printed on A4 sheet. It should contain 25 figures per page.

International Design Registration in Bangalore


The photos should represent the industrial design alone. The representation may not exceed 16 x 16 cm, but one dimension at least 3cm. At least 5mm of margin should be left. Also technical drawings, specifically with axes and dimensions and explanatory text are not accepted. Matter is shown in reproduction but for which protection is shown can be indicated in the textual description, or by means of dotted, broken lines or colouring. Design registration in Maruthi seva nagar bangalore says that the photos must professional standard. Retouching of photo is not allowed. The industrial design may comprise shading to provide relief. Numbering and reproductions shall appear in the margin. The reproductions shall be presented in numerical order in application.

Design Examiner


In design registration only it gives protection for the shapes, and not for the protection of functions, technology. The Design Act 2000 is to protect new or original designs so created to be applied or applicable to particular article to be manufactured by industrial process or means. Sometimes purchase of articles for use is influenced not only by their practical efficiency but also by their appearance. Design registration in  bangalore says that the main purpose is to see that the artisans, creator, originator of a design. It does not include mode of principle of construction. Registration of design shall be done with controller of designs. Before getting the registration, it is examined by the examiner. Also it is prescribed in form 1. Registration is done for only one class of good. If rejected it can be appealed to the high court. The tenure is for 10 years and if needed it can be extended to 5 years.    Renewal is made in Form No.3.

Piracy of Design

International Design registration in bangalore states that cancellation of design is done in Section 19. It can be cancelled if design is previously registered in India, if it has published prior to date of registration, if design is not new or original. Also it is cancelled if the design is not registerable under the Act and if it is not defined under section 2 (d). Design registration in Maruthi seva nagar bangalore says that Piracy of design means application of design which has been registered. The person who is acting contravention to the above is liable to pay damages. The court can also claim money or injunction. we also undergo partnership firm registration in bangalore.



Design registration in Maruthi seva nagar bangalore says that the registered design shall always be considered as business assets which have a market value. The main benefit of industrial design is that it can be sold or licensed in the market. Designs make a product scalable and also add a commercial value of the product and increase its marketability. The registration is open to all who happen to be the rightful owner of the design provided the same is new or original. When a design is registered it gave its owner the exclusive right against unauthorized copying or imitation of the design by third parties. The registration of design protects the design both nationally and internationally. It is one of the intellectual properties. Design registration increases reputation. So it is very important for every businessman to obtain design registration to stand unique among the competitors. The period of exclusivity in the design act for industrial design will help you to build a reputation in the market regarding those trademark rights which will belong to you indefinitely as long as a sufficient reputation in get-up is maintained. So design registration is important.