Company types list

Company types list

Company registration is important. In this blog I have discussed, company types list. Also process & Features of Public limited company registration in Bangalore, LLP registration in Coimbatore, OPC registration in Chennai.

Can we take loan in One Person Company?

  One person company (OPC) implies an organization shaped with only one (single) individual as a part, not at all like the customary way of having no less than two individuals. In the event that Promoters are beginning a business Read More

Can OPC have 2 directors?

  The Companies Act, 2013 (Act) introduced a few new ideas and one among them was the enlistment of One Person Company (OPC). The idea has been initially suggested by the Expert Committee (Dr. J.J.Irani) in 2005. The said idea Read More

OPC Registration in Maruthi seva nagar- Bangalore

OPC Registration in Maruthi seva nagar Bangalore meaning a privately owned business game plan wherein there is just a solitary individual as its part. An individual is qualified to be a part just in a solitary OPC. In the occasion Read More

One Person company registration in maruthi seva nagar-Bangalore

The one person company registration in bangalore is an idea of OPC isn’t strange to the world. As the years progressed, this idea has been legitimately perceived in the UK (2006), USA (a.k.a Limited Liability Company in US), China (2005), Read More