OPC Registration in Maruthi seva nagar Bangalore meaning a privately owned business game plan wherein there is just a solitary individual as its part. An individual is qualified to be a part just in a solitary OPC. In the occasion that an individual turns into a part in two OPCs; then such an individual must pull back his enrollment from both of the OPCs inside the recommended time limit. An OPC must be steady with the guidelines referenced in the One Person Companies Act 2013.


OPC registration in koramangala Bangalore gives the eligibility criteria. An individual can incorporate an OPC in particular if the accompanying standards are fulfilled identified with one individual organization under the organizations demonstration 2013:

  • An individual is a characteristic individual (living person)
  • Individual must be an occupant in India. For an individual to qualify as an inhabitant in India, he more likely than not remained in India for a period adding up to 100 and 82 days during the quickly going before one financial year.
  • Individual must be a resident of India.

Features of One Person Company

The Final Version of Rules relating to One Person Company has in like manner been educated. In this article, we show the noteworthy features of a one-individual organization highlighting the movements which have been introduced in the last type of the norms. OPC registration in commercial street  Bangalore gives the features below.

  • A One Person Company is joined as a private restricted organization.
  • It must have only a solitary part whenever and may have only a solitary leader.
  • The words “One Person Company” must be referenced in segments underneath the name of the organization.
  • OPC registration in Electronic city Bangalore states that the part and competitor should be ordinary people, Indian Citizens, and inhabitant in India. The articulation infers an individual who has stayed in India for a period of at any rate 182 days in the midst of the expeditiously going before one timetable year.
  • One individual can’t combine more than 1 OPC or transform into the up-and-comer more than 1 OPC.
  • OPC registration in mg road Bangalore states that if a Member of OPC transforms into a section in another OPC by uprightness of his being the anointed one in that OPC; then inside 180 days he ought to be meet the capability rules of being Member in one OPC.
  • OPC to lose its status whenever settled up capital outperforms Rs. 50 lakhs or ordinary yearly turnover is more than 2 crores in 3 brief going before successive years.
  • OPC registration in jp  nagar Bangalore states that no minor may advance toward turning out to be part or picked one of the One Person Company; or holds a proposal with accommodating interest.
  • OPC registration in chennai states that such Company can’t be joined; or changed over into an organization under territory 8 of the Act.
  • No such organization can change over deliberately into such an organization except if 2 years is passed from the date of wire, except for in circumstances where capital or turnover edge limits are come to. Apart from opc registration, we also involve in private limited company registration in bangalore.

Advantages of One Person Company

OPC registration in Madiwala Bangalore holds various focal points over some other organization types. The significant points of interest of One Person Company are as per the following;

  • Simple to rise subsidize: OPC registration in Maruthi seva nagar Bangalore states that it is anything but difficult to raise support for an OPC from different sources. For example, Angel speculators, investments or other monetary foundations. Apart from opc registration, we also involve in llp registration in bangalore.


  • It appreciates rights like private restricted organization: An OPC registration in Maruthi seva nagar Bangalore appreciates rights and advantages like that of a PLC. This is on the grounds that these organizations are fused in the manner like that of a private restricted organization.


  • The base prerequisite for organization development: OPCs have minimal necessities for organization enrollment which is; 1 investor, 1 chief 1 candidate. Likewise, gave the investor and the chief can be a similar individual. Apart from opc registration, we also involve in trademark registration in bangalore.


  • OPCs appreciates the advantages of being a Small Scale Industry: OPCs encounters various advantages that are given to Small Scale Industries like; simple subsidizing from a bank, lower financing costs on credits, and furthermore can profit by Foreign Trade Policies, and so forth. Apart from opc registration, we also involve in partnership firm registration in bangalore.


  • Sole proprietorship: OPCs have just a single proprietor which truly quickens, dynamic, dealing with the business, it kills the need to take proposal and consents from other overseeing authorities, and the feeling of self having a place keep the proprietor inspired to work and discover approaches to help develop the business.


  • A financial assessment doesn’t influence borrowings: Unlike some other kind of organization OPCs having an awful FICO rating likewise can get credits in the wake of applying.


  • They get enthusiasm on all late installments: OPCs gets premium which is multiple times the pace of bank, on any late installment according to the Enterprise Development Act, 2006. These organizations are permitted to do so in light of the fact that they are miniature, little or medium in nature and consequently, secured under this demonstration. Apart from opc registration, we also involve in copyright registration in bangalore.


  • OPCs are trusted: OPCs gain trust and renown since they run as an organization and this is a stage which is more trusted by the overall population

Disadvantages of OPC

Development of a One Person Company likewise has its destruction which you should know about:

  • OPC registration in Maruthi seva nagar Bangalore states that an OPC is a privately owned business, and then it is exposed to high assessment rates like a privately owned business.
  • The primary component of an OPC which is that it is just permitted to have most extreme one part is likewise one of its significant disadvantages.
  • OPC type of a business is just reasonable for independent ventures as an OPC is permitted to have a most extreme settled up share capital of Rs 50 Lakh or turnover of Rs. 2 crores. In the event that it surpasses such constraint then it must be changed over into a privately owned business. Apart from opc registration, we also serve ssi registration in chennai & msme registration in chennai.


  • An OPC is banished from undertaking any Non-Banking monetary Investment exercises remembering venture for protections.
  • An individual is qualified to be a part just in OPC. In the occasion that an individual turns into a part in two OPC then such an individual must pull back his enrollment from both of the OPCs inside the recommended time limit. To know more about one person company registration in bangalore, click here.