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A tax return is a form that allows a taxpayer to report his or her income, expenses, tax deductions, investments, taxes, and other financial information. A taxpayer is required to file an income tax return under a variety of circumstances by the Income Tax Act of 1961.

A form to report a taxpayer’s annual income is called an income tax return. However, even if there is no income, there may still be other reasons to file an income tax return, such as to claim tax deductions, carry forward losses, or get a refund.

The income tax return can be filed electronically (e-filing) through the Income Tax Department. It is absolutely necessary for a taxpayer to keep the documents necessary for calculating and reporting data in ITR prior to discussing the steps involved in electronic filing of an income tax return.

Filing ITR Online

Calculation of Income and Tax

The taxpayer will be expected to compute their pay for tax return filing in Bangalore according to the income tax law provisions applicable.

All sources of income, including salary, freelance work, income interest, and so on, should be taken into account in the calculation. Under section 80C, the taxpayer can claim deductions for things like tax-saving investments.

Additionally, a taxpayer should account for credit for TDS, TCS, or any advance tax they have paid.


From the TDS certificates he/she received for each of the four quarters of the financial year, the taxpayer should compile a summary of his TDS amount. The summary of the TDS and tax paid during the financial year is provided by Form 26AS for the taxpayer’s convenience for tax return filing in Bangalore.

Choose right income tax form

The taxpayer should initially determine what ITR form for tax return filing in Bangalore they should finish up prior to continuing to document returns. You can submit your returns in person or online.

The online versions of ITR 1 and ITR 4 are the only two available to taxpayers for tax return filing in Bangalore. The generation and uploading of XML for all other income tax forms is required offline.

Download ITR utility

Depending on your preference for tax return filing in Bangalore, select the assessment year and download the offline utility software, such as the JSON utility or Microsoft Excel.

Fill in with the details

Fill in the relevant information about your income after downloading the offline utility for tax return filing in Bangalore, and then check the tax due or refund due based on the utility’s calculations.

The downloaded form can be used to fill in the details of the income tax challan for tax return filing in Bangalore.

Validate the information

On the right side of the downloaded form, there are a few buttons. Click on the ‘Validate’ button to guarantee all the expected data is filled for tax return filing in Bangalore.

Convert file into XML format

To convert the file into the XML file format, click the “Generate XML” button on the right side of the file after it has been validated successfully for tax return filing in Bangalore.

Upload the XML file

Login then include the necessary information for tax return filing in Bangalore, such as the ITR form number, assessment year, and PAN.

Make sure to pick the choice ‘Upload XML’ starting from the drop relating to the field name ‘Submission Mode’ as given in the picture underneath.

Now attach XML file from your computer and click the Submit button for tax return filing in Bangalore.

Aadhaar OTP, electronic verification code (EVC), or sending a manually signed copy of ITR-V to CPC, Bengaluru are all options for verification.

Importance of Income tax return filing

For tax return filing in Bangalore, Income tax department has commanded to file the return of people provided that their pay is above essential exception limit or on the other hand assuming they meet specific models like use on foreign travel being more than Rs.2 lakh, electricity utilization of Rs.1 lakh or more, saved an amount/aggregate of a sum above Rs.1 crore in at least one current records in FY 2019-20 or onwards.

When a resident has signing authority for an account-based outside of India or has an asset outside of India. Even if you are not eligible for the benefits, it is always a good idea to tax return filing in Bangalore.

The Income Tax Return (ITR) is a legitimate form of proof of income; it is also required by banks to apply for credit cards, VISA applications, and other financial services.

Therefore, even if your income falls below the basic exemption limit, it is recommended that you file tax return filing in Bangalore.

Paying income tax online

Before you can do tax return filing in Bangalore, you have to pay your taxes. The majority of your tax obligation is paid to the government on your behalf when your employer deducts TDS from your salary for salaried individuals.

If you are required to pay advance tax, you must pay 90 percent of the amount each year by March 31. Once the financial year is over, you can file your tax return filing in Bangalore.

The window to do tax return filing in Bangalore is for the most part open till the 31st of July of the applicable evaluation year. However, the IT department will send out notifications in the event that the ITR filing deadline is extended.

It is always best to submit your ITR for tax return filing in Bangalore by the deadline. If you fail to submit your ITR by the assessment year’s deadline, you will be subject to a late filing fee of Rs. 5,000.

Filing income tax return online

You can submit for tax return filing in Bangalore online via the income tax e-filing portal or by mail. Or you may approach Earnlogic.

In the event that you wish to file the return through the government portal, you need to file it utilizing the “offline” mode or the “online” mode.

How to get income tax return copy online?

  • Login with the credentials.
  • Click on View returns/Form.
  • Select the option income tax returns, select the relevant assessment year and submit for tax return filing in Bangalore.
  • A window that displays the list of ITR filed will open.
  • Click ITR-V acknowledgement number that you want to download.
  • ITR V PDF file will open that can be downloaded.

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