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The popularity of the trademark registration application status is increasing tremendously. This is because the applicant needs the exact updating of their registration.

Why Trademark Registration Application Status Had Been So Popular Till Now?

The trademark registration application status has an anonymous feature in the registration industry. The applicant should monitor the status of their application. It is really helpful for the further updating process. As a monitoring, they will get an exact idea about the new updating and the documents.

Time to time the process gets acted by proper monitoring. The trademark documents of the clients are sent to USPTO and receive from USPTO. By using this, the applicant can observe the status of their application. To get the exact updating the client can visit the USPTO’s website. This observation is really helpful and you will not miss out any important update and dates.

The blog reveals the hidden truth of enlarging popularity behinds the trademark registration application status in a chronological way.

Trademark Application status checking:

1) Go to the trademark registry website.

2) To check the trademark application status, you can ping the “trademark search & Document retrieval”.

3) Here you can check the document of trademark and the pending trademark applications.

4) Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) is available 24 hours.

5) After processing the checking enter your registration number and trademark serial number.

6) After entering the details click either of Status or Documents.

7) Furthermore, if you click the status button you will redirect to the page, it contains lots of heading. You can click any of the headings for more details.

8) There is an application “Prosecution history” and it will display the reason for your pending registration.

9) The option “status” states the present status of your trademark application.

 When do I can check the status?

You can check the status of your application in the below conditions.

•         During the suspension states of the Applicant.

•         After the registration gets filed.

Let’s discuss the two viewpoints

During the suspension states of the Applicant:

•         In every six months, the applicant must check the status of the application. It is his duty.

•         Application’s status of the filing date and the issuance of the registration date etc are must observe by the applicant.

   After the registration gets filed:

•         You should check the status of a registration in every 6 months.

•         After filing the post-registration data, it is mandatory to check the status.

•         Declaration of use also must check by the applicant.

•         Renewal application status also has to check.

•         Continue the checking of application status until USPTO renewal or accept the registration.

•         The USPTO will take action within 3 weeks. It will be preferable when it receives or assign within 1 month of filing.

•         In spite of, the USPTO will issue the email clearance to the trademark owner.

•         In addition, the trademark electronic application is used for

  •             Change the owner’s address
  •             Change of the Correspondence address.
The blog reveals the hidden truth of enlarging popularity behinds the trademark registration application status in a chronological way.

What do we need next if the status query displays wrong?

If something shows wrong then you can able to do nothing regarding this. In such cases, you can request your query via email to the trademark assistance center to resolve the problem. If you register your trademark through any financial institution you need not worry about the trouble cases followed by the filing. They will work on behalf of your filing. You can contact the Trademark Assistance Centre within 8:30 am to 8:00 pm. And you will get more updates from the official websites.

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