What types of companies are there?

The term “company” refers to any legal element made and managed according to the Companies Act of 2013. The principal variable to consider while laying out a company is to affirm that all legal necessities are met for your company to easily work. Moreover, the technique of Companies Enlistment is subject to the type of business you are getting enrolled for, and a few types of Companies Enlistment can be picked according to the Companies Act, 2013, contingent upon the action and prerequisites of the advertisers.

Everything from the assessments you would pay, the consistency methods you will take, and the qualification necessities you should fulfill will not be entirely set in stone by the hierarchical design you embrace. Accordingly, choosing what kind of Companies Enlistment to embrace in India is quite possibly the most vital choice a business visionary ought to consider. Moreover, the Indian general set of laws allows the agreement of various kinds of companies under different types of Companies Enlistment.

Private Limited Company

A private limited company (Private Limited) is a privately held partnership for small enterprises. The legal commitments of persons from a Private Limited. The Company are limited to the No. of offers that they own. The supplies of a Private Limited Company can’t be traded openly.

There are 3 types of private limited companies:-

  1. Company limited by shares,
  2. Company limited by guarantee, and
  3. Unlimited company.

Process for a Private Limited Company registration in Chennai

For the Private limited company registration in Chennai following documents are required.

Application for DSC and DPIN

Private limited company registration in Chennai requires each partner should apply for a digital signature as well as a DPIN. The term “digital signature” refers to an online signature utilized for filing, and “DPIN” refers to the MCA-gave Directors’ PIN .

Certificate of the name

The partners for Private limited company registration in Chennai should give MCA three alternative opportunities for the corporate name, from which one will be picked. The names provided ought to ideally be unique to the company’s business.

Submission for an MOA and AOA

When the name has been approved, candidates should set up an MoA and AoA for Private limited company registration in Chennai.

Get an Incorporation Certificate

Acquiring an incorporation certificate normally requires 15-25 days for Private limited company registration in Coimbatore. The certificate of incorporation gives proof that the company has been formed. The CIN number is likewise included.

Apply for PAN, TAN and Bank accounts-

The proprietor must next apply for a PAN and TAN for Pvt ltd company registration. In 7 working days, PAN and TAN are gotten. From that point forward, the candidate can go to a bank and open a bank balance by submitting the Incorporation certificate, MOA, AOA, and PAN.

Documents expected for Private limited company registration in Coimbatore

The accompanying documents are expected for Pvt Ltd Company Registration in Coimbatore:-

Private limited company registration in Coimbatore

Public Limited Company

A Public Limited Company is one in which persons from the overall population can purchase shares. A Public Limited Company (PLC) is an intentional participation association formed under company regulation.

Since the portions of the company are filed on the Stock Exchange, they are unreservedly traded, making the investors part-proprietors. Before starting business exercises, such firms should get a Certificate of Registration from the ROC.

It has its own legal presence, and its persons’ legal obligation is limited to the offers they own.

Process for Public Limited Company Registration in Chennai

While doing public limited company registration in Bangalore, remember the accompanying:

  • A public limited company should have something like 7 investors.
  • To make a public limited company, at least three directors are required.
  • While giving self-attested copies of ID and address proof, one of the directors’ digital signature certificates (DSC) is essential.
  • The imminent enterprise’s directors would have a DIN for public limited company registration in Chennai.
  • The name for the partnership should be picked through an application.
  • The company’s director item proviso should be remembered for the application. This article statement would indicate what a company will do when it was laid out.
  • The application should be submitted to the ROC alongside every pertinent paper, including the MOA, AOA, and finished Form DIR – 12, Form INC – 7, and Form INC – 22.
  • The ROC should get paid for the necessary enlistment expenses.
  • The company will apply for a “certificate of business commencement” after getting consent from the ROC.

Public limited company

Files expected for Public Limited Company Registration in Bangalore

  • A copy of the directors’ PAN card
  • Photos of the directors (passport size).
  • A copy of the Aadhaar card or voter id card.
  • Public Limited Company registration in Bangalore needs a copy of the tenant contract (for a leased property).
  • Bills for electricity and water (Business Spot).
  • A copy of the property documents (for a possessed property).
  • Letter of certificate from the landlord.

Partnership firm

A company looks like sole ownership in numerous ways. The major qualification between a company and sole ownership is that an association affects more than one person. The capabilities, obligations, and portion of each partner are expressed in a legal company agreement.

Thus, benefits made by the firm are dispersed among partners as per the proper Partnership agreement, and on the off chance that losses happen, each partner is independently responsible.

Up to a company, the firm have a legal and enrolled Company Deed, they can work regardless of a license. Besides, the Indian Association Act of 1932 administers these companies.

Documents expected for partnership firm registration in Chennai

To enlist a Partnership firm, the accompanying files are required:

  • Statement in Form 1 with the required charges.
  • Partnership firm registration in Chennai needs a genuine copy of the Company Deed which has been authenticated and expresses the accompanying:-
  • The company’s name.
  • The idea of the company’s tasks.
  • The partnership’s Headquarters or essential area of business.
  • The names of any extra places where the company does its business.
  • The date on which each partner turned into a partner in the company.
  • Partnership firm registration in Chennai needs the partners’ complete names as well as their long-lasting addresses.
  • The period of the presence of the company.
  • Proof of possession or lease/rent of the business area.
  • Partnership firm registration in Chennai requires a copy of each partner’s PAN card.
  • A copy of the Aadhaar or voter id card

The Statement should be signed by the company’s all partners and should be affirmed by a sworn statement in the strategy demonstrated. Enrolled and unregistered Company Enterprises are the two types of Partnership Companies.

Registration of a Partnership firm isn’t mandatory; by the by, given the advantages, it is reasonable to do as such. The development of a partnership firm is achieved by the Partners drafting a Partnership deed.

Features of Partnership firm registration

After having Partnership firm registration in Coimbatore, the following benefits are seen.

Shared Trust and Certainty:

A partnership is worked around the standard of shared trust, certainty and understanding between partners.

Each partner should represent the advantage of all. Assuming that trust is broken and partners work experiencing some miscommunication, the firm will get squashed under its weight.

Thus it is imminent to have Partnership firm registration in Coimbatore.

Partnership firm registration in chennai

Legal Status:

Partnership firm registration in Coimbatore specifies that Partnership firm and partners are indivisible from each other. They don’t have a separate legal element from the association’s business.

A partnership firm is limited by the death or bankruptcy of a partner.

Tax assessment:

The annual assessment act has forced a few duties on partnership firms. Various charges are exacted on various kinds of association firms. In the event of a firm which is enrolled, the benefit is split between partners and expense is collected on the livelihoods of the partners separately.

What’s more, in the event that the firm isn’t enrolled, the charge is charged in general pay acquired by it.


The Partnership is administered by the ‘Partnership Deed’, which permits adequate adaptability in activities to the partners. The deed can likewise be modified to suit the necessity of changing business conditions.

The nature and extent of business can be changed in a limited capacity to focus time. No certificates are expected from any power. Thus Partnership firm registration in Coimbatore is crucial.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Limited Liability Partnership, or LLPs, are a moderately new type of business idea in India. The LLP is an alternate legal entity from the company element, with business resources separate from that of the partners’ very own resources and limited obligation insurance for the business people.

In this kind of business, personal resources are not endangered. If the business endures misfortunes, each partner’s greatest legal is still up in the air by his portion of capital in the entity.

Procedure to Frame an LLP registration in Chennai

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  • Acquiring DSC (Digital Signature Testament) for the Partners –

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is expected for LLP registration in Chennai to get the DIN (Director ID Number) for the LLP Partners. Thus, getting a Digital Signature Certificate for the proposed Partner is important.

  • Getting DIN for the Partners

When the Partners’ Digital Signatures have been gotten, LLP registration in Chennai requires an application for a DIN can be submitted.

Generally speaking, DIN registration happens right away, however, in a couple of cases, additional files should be introduced to the DIN Cell for acknowledgement of the DIN application.

DIN and DPIN are the same thing and might be utilized on the other hand. Every person could have 1 DIN.

  • Getting Name Certificate

In LLP registration in Chennai, after the 2 DPINs are acquired, an application for name reservation can be submitted to the MCA. To guarantee a fast certificate, the advertisers should review the LLP Naming Rules and recommend satisfactory names for the LLP in the application.

At the point when you apply to a name reservation to the MCA, it will be handled by the Recorder of Companies (ROC) in your condition of consolidation.

  • Filing for Incorporation

An LLP name certificate letter will be shipped off to the potential Partners once the application for the name certificate has been supported by the MCA. The Partners will have 60 days to record the important consolidation administrative work and register the LLP.

On the off chance that the LLP isn’t made in something like 60 days of getting the name consent letter, the name certificate should be looked for once more.

The files proving ownership of the enrolled office are essential while filing for the making of an LLP. The enlisted office paperwork, alongside the signed subscriber’s sheet, should be filed with the MCA for LLP registration in Chennai after they have been arranged.

The Registrar will give the incorporation authentication assuming the application for LLP registration in Chennai is supported. The LLP will be considered for registration after the consolidation certificate is given, and an application for PAN for LLP can be filed.

The LLP Partners then, at that point, have 30 days to file the Partnership Agreement with the MCA. A punishment will be forced on the off chance that the LLP Company Agreement isn’t filed in 30 days or less.

Documents expected for LLP registration in Coimbatore

documents for LLP registration in Coimbatore


Partners should submit the accompanying documents.

  • LLP registration in Coimbatore requires the Partners’ PAN card or proof of identity.
  • Voter’s ID, passport, driver’s license, or Aadhaar card as proof of address of partners. All foreign nationals who might want to enrol as a partner in an LLP should give proof of address, for specimen, a driving license, bank statement, residency card, or some other official personality card that incorporates the location.
  • LLP registration in Coimbatore needs partners should deliver the latest bank articulation, telephone bill, mobile bill, or gas bill as proof of residency.
  • Partners will likewise submit a passport-size picture with a white background.

Foreign nationals and NRIs require a passport.

Proof of enlisted office address:

This should be given during the process for LLP registration in Coimbatore or within 30 days of the company’s foundation.

A renting agreement or a NOC from the landowner should have introduction on the off chance that the enlisted office is on lease.

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC):

A DSC is expected since the approved signatory should carefully sign all files and applications for LLP registration in Coimbatore.

Thus LLP registration in Coimbatore can be done with a team of experts at EARNLOGIC.

One Person Company

OPCs are the freshest expansion to the many types of Companies Registration accessible in India, and they are great for small enterprises. The Companies Act of 2013 laid out the one-person company.

The primary objective was to help business visionaries who were fit for opening a firm. This has likewise accompalished by empowering them to shape a solitary economic entity. One of the main advantages of a One Person Company is that only one part has permission.

Going against the norm, integrating and supporting a Private Limited Company or an LLP requires at least 2 persons.

Process for OPC registration in Chennai

Registration procedure

For OPC registration in Chennai following steps are needed.

Get a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for the prospective Director:

The initial step is to get a DSC for the proposed Director, which requires the accompanying documents:

Apply for DIN:

When the Digital Signature Certificate has been made, the subsequent stage for OPC registration in Chennai is to apply for the proposed Director’s DIN in the SPICe Form with the director’s name and address proof.

Name Approval Application:

While doing OPC registration in Chennai, the name of the company should be picked. The MCA would need to support the name.

Required Files for OPC registration in Coimbatore:

The accompanying documents will be ready before being submitted to the ROC for OPC registration in Coimbatore:-

  • MoA.
  • AoA.

As there is just 1 Director and 1 member, a nominee for that individual should have selection in the event that he becomes disabled or dies and can’t do his commitments, the chosen one would fill in for the director.

Alongside his/her PAN and Aadhaar card, his/her assent in Form INC – 3 would be gotten for OPC registration in Coimbatore.

  • Proof of the prospective Company’s enrolled office, proof of ownership and a letter of authorization from the proprietor.

Submission of forms to MCA:

These papers should be appended for OPC registration in Coimbatore
SPICe Form,
The SPICe MOA, and
And SPICe AOA with the Director’s and Expert’s DSCs, and should have shipment off the MCA site for the certificate.

After transferring, Form 49A and 49B will be available for the partners’ PAN and TAN creation, which should have transfer to MCA after connecting the proposed Director’s DSC. Issuance of an Incorporation Authentication:

Following the verification, the Registrar of Companies would give an Incorporation Certificate, licensing the person to begin their firm.

Documents to have submission by the Partners of One Person companies

  • In the event of Foreign Nationals and NRIs, a scanned copy of the PAN card or passport is necessary for OPC registration in Coimbatore.
  • Aadhaar Card/ID/Passport/License Voters Driver’s scanned copy
  • A scanned copy of the bank statement, telephone or wireless bill, or electric or gas bill.
  • A passport-sized photo (scanned).
  • Specimen signature or impression for OPC registration in Coimbatore.

For Enrolled Office

  • A scanned copy of recent bank balance, telephone or cell phone bill, or electric or gas bill.
  • A scanned copy of the legally approved tenant contract.
  • A scanned copy of the landowner’s NOC.
  • A scanned copy of the English Deal Deed/Property Deed (for the claimed property).

OPC registration in coimbatore


In India, under the Companies Act 2013, no Company registration might be considered a corporate entity until it is enlisted with the Registrar of Companies (ROC).

A business doesn’t turn into a different legitimate element from its individuals until it has enlistment. Subsequently, framing a partnership is a fundamental move toward understanding your desire of turning into a fruitful business person.

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what types of companies are there