What is ISO in government?

  ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world’s biggest engineer and distributer of International Standards. ISO is an organization of the public standards establishments of 161 nations, one part for every country, with a Central Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland, Read More

Can society run without registration?

  A society is a relationship of a few people joined utilizing a shared accord to consider, administer and act agreeably for some collective reason. Social orders are generally enlisted for the headway of altruistic exercises like games, music, culture, Read More

Are patents safe in India?

  Fostering AN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (IP) STRATEGY TO PROTECT YOUR IP IN INDIA WILL BE CENTRAL TO YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS. Your IP is a significant business resource and in a developing business sector like India could well be your really Read More

How to become an ISO consultant?

  ISO 9001 is the most famous management system standard on the planet, and it assists numerous organizations with laying out a QMS (Quality Management System) and guarantee quality items and managements, as well as consumer loyalty. Considering that this Read More

Society registration – Compliances and Fund raising options

  At the point when gathering of people groups needs to serve society and to do social government assistance exercises, then, at that point, they need an association which has a different legitimate substance to address them all as a Read More

Challenges faced in the protection of the patent rights

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Is Copyright Registration Mandatory?

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Get digital signature certificate for Online banking

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Can I register trademark online?

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