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Copyright registration in maruthi seva nagar bangalore is the exclusive right given to the creator of a creative to reproduce work, usually for a short time. Copyright laws allow the author to make money by selling their works. With copyright work can only be copy with the permission of the owner. It is a type of intellectual property that provides which is done by the Copyright Registration in Bangalore with exclusive publication, distribution, and usage of rights for the author. Examples include book, poems, play, songs, film and also art work.  ©-This is the copyright symbol. The copyright symbol is the symbol use in copyright notices for works other than sound recordings. The use of symbol is describe by Universal Copyright Convention.

Copyright law

The law of copyright was introduce in India when British East India Company was establish in 1847.This Act has very different provisions in comparison to today’s law. The term copyright was lifetime of the author and additionally seven years after death of the author. The copyright Act 1957 provide copyright protection in India. It confers protection to the following two rights: Economic Rights and Moral rights of the author. The author enjoys the economic benefits by selling his work, give on hire, offer for sale and heir any copy. He can get substantial amount because of this.

Moral rights

Section 57 of the Act defines the two basic moral rights of the author. These are rights of paternity and rights of integrity.”Rights of Paternity”. Right of paternity describes the right of an author to claim ownership of the work and prevent others from claiming ownership of the work. Moreover the “Rights of integrity “empowers the author to prevent the work from distortion, mutilation and alteration to the work which will bring dishonor to his work. Copyright Registration inmaruthi seva nagar Bangalore needs the following documents. NOC –No Objection Certificate from the author of the work (if applicant and author are different) Three copies of the work. Special power of attorney. NOC from the publisher (If publisher and applicant are different and the work is publish).

Online application for Copyright Registration in maruthi seva nagar Bangalore


On completing the original work you may upload and a copyright consultant shall begin the process. Application to be creat under form no Form14 and in 3-5 working days a dairy number will be given. After registering the application, department give diary number and waits for 30 days. If the Examiner has an error it has to be settled down in one or two months. And normally in one or two months, registration can be done. Copyright Registration in Bangalore provides ease of getting register.

Copyright registration in maruthi seva nagar Bangalore -workflow

Filing for application with fee. Then Dairy number will be issue in 30 days should wait for any objections. If any objection file, letters must be sent to both parties should receive the reply from them. Hearing must be done by the registrar. If application is accept then scrutinization must be done by examiner. If no discrepancy is found then Application is accept. The registration is approve and also extracts will be sent to the Applicant by registrar. That is the end flow. Copyright Registration in Bangalore says what are the type of works can be protect by Copyright. They are original literary, musical, dramatic, Pantomimes and choreographic works, pictorial, graphic and sculptural work, motion pictures, Audio visual-sound recording and compilations. The term of copyright for a particular work depends on several factors including whether it has been published. When speaking about Copyright free means the copyright itself has expired or a second party has acquired the right to use the work.

Copyright infringement

Copyright infringement is the use of works protected by copyright law without permission of the owner. Thereby infringing certain exclusive right granted to owner such as right to reproduce, distribute and display or perform. You would have noticed that, when you are crawling over the videos in YouTube you may find the statement subject to copyright. If someone uses it without permission of the owner he can be sue by the owner. Many of the you-tube channels are very particular about it so that they cannot use other channels name, content. There are commonly five types of Copyright infringement. They are:

  • Plagiarizing Marketing Copy
  •  Plagiarizing Personal literature
  • Newspaper infringement
  • Mash up copyright issues

Photography infringement

Consequently Civil, Criminal and border enforcement are the remedies available against the copyright infringement. Civil remedies provide for injunctions destruction of infringing copies. Criminal remedies provide for imprisonment, fine and seize. In particular, border enforcement provides prohibition of import with help of custom authorities of India. After a work has complete its copyright period, then the work enter as free to use and also a non copyright holder can purchase rights to the work. Copyright Registration in Bangalore should provide information about the above.

Transferring Ownership

Copyright Registration in maruthi seva nagar Bangalore says that ownership can be transfer from one person to other number of persons. Also as a whole and also apart from the ownership can be transferred. There are two ways of finding out the transfer of copyright. One way is to review the copyright registrations and another way is to research and find. Generally, Copyright can also be transferr by will upon one’s death. It is also transfer by court.

What are all the procedure to transfer copyright?

The copyright registration in Bangalore gives the information about the terms and conditions of the termination. And also assignment should be obvious

  • Total amount of royalty should be mention
  • The assignment should be written by the assignor
Termination of the Transfer

As a result, the transferr ownership can be terminate and reclaim. This is a tough process and can happen between period of 28 and 56 years. Additionally the current law allows termination of transfer 35 years after copyright transfer was grant. Previous law allows to give renewal claim in 28th year of original copyright. If the owner is no longer alive the beneficiaries can enjoy it.

Fair use

In conclusion, it says that without acquiring permission of the owner limit access can be grant on the original work. It is fair use. Parody news reporting are some of the examples. The four factors can be consider by the judges. The purpose and character of your use, the nature of copyrighted work, the amount of the work taken, the effect of its use. So one may have the doubt whether the copyright can be inherit. Yes it can be inherited because it is also an asset. A copyright attorney can assist in doing inheritance of the copyright. Hence copyright registration in Bangalore ensures protection of the original work and so as to avoid infringement and also to safeguard the honor of the work. Moreover to know more about copyright registration in Bangalore, click here.

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