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An ISO certificate is a stamp of approval issued by an independent body for an organization’s compliance with any ISO (International Organization for Standardization) published standards. ISO is a non-governmental organization that brings together experts to share their knowledge and create international standards that encourage new technology development and offer solutions to global problems.

The ISO certification of a company or product demonstrates that it operates ethically and in accordance with management practices and industry standards. It is administered by a non-governmental international organization with 163 national standards bodies as members and a Central Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland, as a global standard. ISO certification can quickly establish credibility among employees, stakeholders, management representatives, customers, and buyers.

Types of ISO certificate

Up to 22,521 international standards covering everything from food safety to technology and service to healthcare and agriculture have been initiated by ISO. However, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the most widely used standards for certification, are applicable to all kinds of businesses and industries.

ISO 9001

Establishing, implementing, and maintaining a “Quality Management Program” that is specific to a company is a well-known method. It works with businesses of any size and with any amount of capital. The most recent, revised certification standard was made public at the end of 2015, and it has been in use ever since. Also this ISO can get ISO Certification in Chennai.

ISO 14001

An instruction manual on how to set up an environmental management system (EMS) can be found here. It is made up of procedures, policies, strategies, procedures, and documents that set the rules for how your company handles the environment. ISO 14001 provides a framework and guidelines for creating an EMS for any business. The guidelines established in 2015 have become universal. Also this kind of ISO can get ISO Certification in Chennai.

OHSAS 18001

The requirements for establishing an occupational health and security management program are outlined in the standard. Plans, policies, procedures, practices, plans, and documents that provide an explanation of the health and safety regulations make up this structure. The standards that were established in 2007 are still in effect and are adhered to by all organizations. Also this type of ISO can get ISO Certification in Chennai

 ISO 45001

The steps that must be taken to set up an occupational health and safety system are outlined in the standard. The rules for health and safety are established by policies, procedures, operations, programs, hazards, risk assessments, and records. In 2018, the standard was made available to the public, and numerous businesses are currently using it. Also this can have ISO can get ISO Certification in Chennai.

ISO 27001

This is a standard for information security, and it determines the management system that is intended to give management control over information security. This kind of ISO can get ISO Certification in Chennai.

ISO 22000

The guidelines for an effective food safety management system (FSMS) are outlined in this ISO certificate standard. An FSMS that provides items and products that can be considered safe based on their intended usage can be developed, implemented, run, maintained, and improved by any organization directly or indirectly involved with the supply chain. Also this kind of ISO can get ISO Certification in Chennai at an affordable cost.

ISO 50001

ISO 50001 furnishes ventures with a universally acknowledged structure to assist them with improving their energy effectiveness. This ISO testament oversees documentation and covering energy utilization and utilization. It likewise covers rules for acquirement and plan of hardware that utilizes energy and different perspectives that influence energy execution that can be followed and constrained by the organization. Also this sort of ISO can get ISO Certification in Chennai.

iso certification in chennai

ISO 20000

The goal of this standard is to provide any organization with effective IT Service Management. For any industry that relies on IT, this is an essential requirement.

It has an effect on your communication and company operations. It is an essential component of your business operation. Also this kind of ISO can get ISO Certification in Chennai by a team of experts.

ISO 31000

An internationally recognized benchmark serves as the basis for this risk management program, which teaches the fundamentals and procedures necessary to maintain safety and manage risks. The ISO 31000 certification standard guarantees business success.

It now assists organizations in achieving their objectives, identifying risks and opportunities, and providing resources for risk-related treatment. Also this kind of ISO can get ISO Certification in Chennai by the experts of Earnlogic.

Why ISO certification obtained in India?

The international standards established by ISO certification guarantee the products or services produced or sold by businesses. The ISO Certification in Chennai helps the company’s reputation and guarantees the product’s quality.

Customers are also confident in the product because it has ISO Certification in Chennai and they can easily rely on the quality standards of the company. In addition, the following points point to the significance of ISO registration:

  • The products and services that a business offers to its clients are better branded by those businesses that have ISO Certification in Chennai.
  • The government also offers tenders to businesses and legal entities that adhere to ISO standards.
  • Customers around the world can learn more about ISO-certified businesses thanks to the international standards provided by the ISO.
  • The ISO Certification in Chennai is also necessary for sales and purchases because it ensured customer satisfaction and piqued their interest in the product or service.
  • Customers rarely reject ISO-certified products, and if there is a flaw, the companies can easily check it in accordance with the standards.
  • The ISO certificated mark not only raises the company’s status but also improves the efficiency and quality of its operations.
  • The ISO certification mark, like the ISO 9001 standard, is a branding and marketing tool for a service or product and also increases the business’s value.
  • The ISO Certification in Chennai is also responsible for the profits and the path to establishment on the international market.
  • The level of expectation will rise and the business’s expansion will continue. The necessity of ISO Certification in Chennai to attract customers and promote the product and services positively.

ISO registration in India

The first step for the applicant is to select the ISO certification needed for his or her business in India or anywhere else in the world.

The international ISO Standards assist businesses in enhancing their operational activities and gaining a competitive advantage over rivals.

Consider the following when selecting a center for ISO Certification in Chennai:

  • Examine a few Indian ISO Certification specialist cooperatives or consultants.
  • Verify whether they are adhering to the CASCO standards. The ISO advisory group known as CASCO investigates congruity appraisal-related issues.
  • Check to see if they have a license.
  • They ought to satisfy ISO Accreditation bodies’ requirements.


Obtaining ISO Certification in Chennai is a simple and wise business strategy for Indian businesses. We can simplify the ISO procedure into four steps:

  • Submit application
  • Implement system
  • Auditing system
  • Achieving ISO certificate


To obtain ISO Certification in Chennai, following steps are necessary.


iso certification in chennai

Submit application

You must submit a request form for ISO Certification in Chennai to the reputable Certification Body after carefully selecting the appropriate standards.

This should include information about the company, including its legal status, procedures, number of plants, offices, units, and employees.

Implement ISO

The Gap Analysis, awareness training, documentation, and implementation are all part of this step. The operational process’s policies, procedures, and flowcharts must have preparation by the business. The company should clearly communicate the ISO System’s goals.

The mandatory documents must have preparation in accordance with the ISO Standards’ clauses. The Implementation Process as a whole also includes the Internal Audit.

ISO system auditing

You can request an audit of your implemented system from the Certification Body following its successful implementation.

In stages, the audit will thoroughly examine your current system. An audit report and a certification recommendation letter will have preparation by the auditor following the audit, and the Certification Body will then officially issue the Certificate.

Achieving ISO certificate

This is the final step in the ISO certification process. If your company passes the certification audit, you can get an ISO certificate. Each year, a surveillance audit is carried out on the Certificate, which has a validity period of three years.

This is because maintaining the system throughout the Certification Cycle is necessary by the CB. The Certificate will have revokation in the event of noncompliance.

Cost of ISO certification

The cost of ISO Certification in Chennai is not set in stone and varies from company to company. After taking into account a variety of factors, such as the following, the ISO Certification Agencies in India are able to independently determine the cost of ISO Certification in Chennai for each organization or company:

  • Size of organization
  • Number of processes
  • Number of workers
  • Hazard proportional to the association’s level of management
  • The complexity of the administration system
  • The number of working steps, among other things

Time for ISO certification in Chennai

Large enterprise: 6-12 months

Medium enterprise: 3-6 months

Small enterprise: 2-3 months

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