ISO certification in Chennai


ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization. It is the largest creator of voluntary international standards for goods, services, and best practices anywhere in the world. 163 national standards bodies are members of ISO, which stands for the International Organization for Standardization.

By demonstrating that a product or service meets the expectations of your customers, certification of compliance with ISO standards can be a useful tool for adding credibility. Certification is a legal or contractual requirement for some industries.

The ISO responds to a request from industry or other stakeholders, such as consumer groups, rather than deciding when to develop a new standard. A technical committee’s panel of experts meets to discuss and negotiate a draft standard once the need for one has the establishment.

Members of ISO are invited to comment and vote on a draft once it has been developed. The draft is sent back to the technical committee for further revisions if there is not a consensus, after which it becomes an ISO standard.

A Closer look into ISO

The ISO creates standards for safety, quality, and uniformity that are applicable worldwide. These are meant to make international production, manufacturing, communication, and collaboration in business, science, and technical development between nations, businesses, and institutions better.

Specific quality and form requirements are outlined in an ISO standard, and ISO certification in Chennai ensures that compliance is demonstrated. The ISO Bulletin and the Standard Handbooks publish the standards every month. The abbreviation of the corresponding organization for standardization and a number from 1 to 99999 can be used to identify ISO standards.

ISO 9001 QMS

A QMS, or Quality Management System, is essentially a set of business procedures made to meet or exceed customer expectations and drive continuous quality improvement. There are many ways to set up a Quality Management System, but ISO 9001 got through ISO certification in Chennai is the most well-known and widely used.

Understanding that a Quality Management System (QMS) is distinct from quality control is essential because a QMS is much more inclusive and intended to improve quality from the ground up. All activities that directly or indirectly affect quality are affected by a QMS:

ISO certification in Chennai

It extends to the supply chain and customer interactions, as well as all company processes and employees. There are many advantages to implementing a quality management system, but the most common ones are increased profitability, better products and services, and increased customer satisfaction.

Principles of Quality Management

An ISO 9001 Quality Management System is built on seven tenets: Together, they are a framework for bringing about and implementing company-wide enhancements. They are applicable to both service-based and product-based providers;

Their relative importance will undoubtedly vary from company to company, and it is reasonable to anticipate that it will alter over time.

Each of the seven quality management tenets is delineated in detail in the interactive table that follows. Simply click on any of the principles you wish to read about to learn more. Small business owners who are about to begin their journey toward ISO 9001 implementation got through ISO certification in Chennai, will benefit from the tips and advice that go along with each principle.

QMS Maintenance

The QMS can only be successfully maintained with strong leadership from upper management. Employee involvement, positive relationships with customers and suppliers, and company-wide ISO recognition which acquired through ISO certification in Chennai are additional crucial factors.

ISO certification in Chennai

The importance of putting an emphasis on preventative and corrective measures as well as continuous improvement (and looking into new opportunities to do so) is also crucial.

Continuous improvement initiatives are yet another tried-and-true tactic that businesses can take. Although there are many possible variations, most workplace departments are encouraged to develop a predetermined number of improvement projects within a predetermined time frame.

Training employees in corrective and preventive action analysis, streamlining company procedures, enhancing ISO 9001 forms and documentation, and developing novel approaches to product or service evaluation are all examples of improvement projects.

Documents for ISO certification

  • ISO certification in Chennai needs Bills, invoices,
  • Company letterhead,
  • And any other pertinent documents include company registration and GST registration.
  • PAN card of the company
  • Address proof of the company.


ISO certification in Chennai follows the process below.

1: Select a Management Standard

There are over 22,000 international standards. To choose from, making it difficult to determine which one is best for your company for ISO certification in Chennai.

The most common starting point is the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. With the help of this standard, you can guarantee a consistent level of quality and client satisfaction.

ISO 14001 Environmental, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety, and ISO 27001 Information Security are additional well-known standards.

Discussing your requirements with us is the most effective method for selecting the appropriate management system for your company.

2: Contact Earnlogic

Please get in touch with Earnlogic account management team to talk about your needs for getting ISO certification in Chennai.

After that, we’ll arrange for a consultation with one of our consultants to go over your requirements in greater detail. We will then be able to offer you a proposal after this visit.

We take great pride in making the procedure as straightforward as possible.

3: The Initial Evaluation

If you accept our proposal, we will schedule a preliminary evaluation with one of our knowledgeable Lead Auditors.

They will carry out a gap analysis to determine the tasks required for compliance. We will offer a number of suggestions for having ISO certification in Chennai.

4: Preparation of Documentation

ISO certification in Chennai

We prepare documentation to include obligatory procedures in accordance with your current company procedures; as required by the Standard for ISO certification in Chennai.

5: Certification

We will present you with your ISO got through ISO certification in Chennai if all requirements are met.

We will continue to support you throughout the term of your contract by conducting a six-month review to ensure that you stay on track and  prepared for re-certification each year. The systems have focus on continuous improvement.

6: Compliance 

You will need to keep your management system up to date because management systems focus on making your products, services, or processes better on a regular basis.

In six months, we will return to you for an internal review or “health check.” Our auditor will offer assistance at this point and examine the current management of your system.

They will discuss it with you and provide you with clear instructions on what you need to do to ensure compliance if they discover anything that could interfere with your re-certification audit in six months.

As your annual re-certification audit gets closer, our internal review will help you feel more supported and confident. As a result, re-certification failures are uncommon.

Benefits of ISO certification in Chennai

Every business strives for quality, which can be challenging to achieve in most cases. In a business, problems with quality and efficiency arise on a daily basis. Whether losing a crucial file or a customer receives a service or product that falls short of their initial expectations.

ISO Standards have wide acceptance in the world. The top five advantages of ISO certification in Chennai for businesses are discussed in this article.

One of the advantages of ISO is the ability to satisfy client requirements. Customers are typically devoted to ISO-compliant vendors and are strict about doing business with them. Businesses will not only benefit in the short term from having an ISO certificate through ISO certification in Chennai, but they will also improve their long-term marketability.

A company can embrace quality through ongoing improvement with an ISO certification. Clearly, customer satisfaction is one of the primary objectives of quality management systems.

More customers, more money

Once a company got ISO by ISO certification in Chennai, it can advertise its quality certification and respond to requests for quotes from businesses. The ISO certificate is a requirement.

Businesses can take advantage of new market opportunities that they couldn’t have before having ISO certification in Chennai because ISO offers certifications and standards that are accepted worldwide.

Enhance Product and Firm Quality

Quality standards are part of a quality management system (QMS). As a result, implementing a quality management system (QMS) ought to improve the company as a whole’s quality. As a result, there will be higher quality standards for each process and product.

Conformity to predetermined standards is a definition of quality. As a result, your company will be on the path to higher quality thanks to an ISO Quality Management System. QMS has development well and has implement effectively.

ISO certification in Chennai

Quality ensures that whatever you produce meets the expectations of your customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. You will not only meet the predetermined requirements, but you will also meet more of the implied requirements of customers who need ISO certification in Chennai.

Quality results in fewer consumer complaints and increased efforts to address existing ones. An ISO-certified company has an effective quality management system, which enables it to anticipate and meet the needs of its customers, thereby increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Professional Culture Development

An ISO quality management system can empower employees for a business that successfully implements it. Your employees will receive clear and concise instructions regarding job descriptions and quality objectives from a QMS.

In addition to providing prompt and actionable feedback on employee performance and process metrics, the tools also serve as work procedures and instructions.

ISO Standards had its estabishment to facilitate the production of consistent and high-quality goods. ISO can be obtained by ISO certification in Chennai.

This accomplishment is by implementing quality management systems for all kinds of businesses. It aims to track the development of a service or product as it moves through each stage of production.

These quality management standards are very beneficial to businesses that want to have ISO certification in Chennai.

Dos and Don’ts after obtaining ISO 

There are a few things you should and shouldn’t do after getting the ISO certification in Chennai.

  • Avoid using the terms “ISO certification” or “ISO certified” when describing a system or product as a certified ISO standard. Instead, depending on the standard certification, say “ISO 9001:2008 certified” or “ISO 9001:2008 certified.”
  • Use “ISO” sparingly in the name of your service or product.
  • You should not register “ISO” as your business name, website name, or domain name, such as “”
  • Also, you can’t use the ISO logo because it’s a registered trademark that only ISO employees can use.
  • Contact the certification body if you want to use the ISO logo on your certificate. They will help you through the process.


Your product or service gains credibility through the use of a certificate. It’s a document that shows that you can meet the customer’s needs.

Certification is a contractual or legal requirement for the majority of industries. ISO is an organization that creates international standards like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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ISO Certification in Chennai