Invention and its Role in the world of Patent

Patent Registration in Maruthi seva nagar – IP Law & Significance

  The whole world is packed with ideas, concepts and product that are being invented. IP is an integral part of business. The intellectual property has commenced in ancient Rome, where the stamps were placed on the bricks to identify Read More

Trademark Registration in Maruthi seva nagar –Bangalore

Trademark is defined as one of the intellectual property which consists of sign, design or the expression which represent the business in a symbolic form. It is used so as that it can be easily distinguished from other business companies. Read More

trademark registration

Trending facts of Trademark registration in Bangalore

Trademark registration in Bangalore is an effective communication tool and we are going to explore some trending facts of trademark registration in bangalore. In a single brand and logo we can convey the proprietor’s product. It captures attention for the Read More

partnership registration

Partnership firm Registration in Maruthi seva nagar-Bangalore

Partnership firm registration in Bangalore is done so as to gain reputation in public and moreover it states that there are two or more people joins to do business who agrees to share the profit and the loss. So the Read More