Trademark is defined as one of the intellectual property which consists of sign, design or the expression which represent the business in a symbolic form. It is used so as that it can be easily distinguished from other business companies. Trademarks comprises of logo registration of the brand that the company endorses. A logo is a small design that is adopted by the companies. The term logo is an abbreviated form of Language of Graphics oriented. The Trademark registration in Bangalore says that logo has certain characteristics. It should be simple firstly. Then it should be scalable. Also it should be relevant, memorisable and versatile. Trademark registration in Bangalore says discusses about few types of logos. Monogram logos or the letter marks consists of letters in their logos. For example HCL, IBM is the monogram logos.

Logotype or the word mark consists of words. For example Coca-Cola, Google is a simple word with different colours and font style used to create it. Such font styles, colour and the letters should be used by the authorised people who have registered and others should not attempt to use it. Logo registration symbol or the pictorial mark. Trademark registration in Bangalore says it is the pictorial representation of the product. For example, Amazon uses cart as symbol, twitter uses a blue bird, Swiggy uses an S symbol these uses different colours as well. So it is registered in people’s mind. Thousand words are equal to one picture. So it is easily memorisable. Abstract mark is pictorial logo of a specific type. The stripe y Adidas flower is one of the examples. Mascots consist of an illustrated character as their symbol. For example KFC which consists of the laughing face of the owner. These are some of the logos available.


Process of Trade Mark registration

Trademark registration in Bangalore says a name which identifies a specific product is the brand name. When you go for a rice mandy, you will ask for the brand. When that particular quality of rice is good, you will select that particular brand and seek for it. So the brand name is the most vital element in carrying out the business. So the name of the product namely brand, its distinguishable logo combined to form the trademark. Trademark registration in Bangalore says gives a gist about the steps followed in trademark registration. Firstly do trademark search because to find any similarities of any of the existing trademark. Because trademark should be very unique. Then trademark application should be filed in India. After choosing the brand name registration, logo they should be filed for registration. Once you have registered, you will have a reference number so that you may check the status of your trademark application. Filing trademark application is followed by trademark examination. Trademark registration in Bangalore says that the examiner will do examination and may accept or object. If it is accepted then it will be published in the trademark journal; if there is any objection it should be fulfilled. If there are no objections, after 4 months of the publication then it can proceed for the registration process. And then the certificate with seal of the trademark office is issued. The trademark should be renewed after a period of 10 years.


Merits of Trademark registration

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Trademark registration in Bangalore explains the benefits of trademark registration. When a trademark is registered you are protecting the goodwill of the business. Also the registered trademark will not be used by the other competitive business people. Only when you are registered you can sue the infringers legally. Business is all about possession. So any of your brand name registration  or the logo are used by the others, they should be punished accordingly. You will have relief in case of infringement, of the trademark (misuse of others). On the other hand, you cannot say that, your domain name is registered. So people involved in business should know the difference. Also demerit of trademark registration is, there is possibility of the additional fee, risky litigation, repeated renewals and the marketing cost is also high. Trademark registration in Bangalore gives an excerpt about the trade dress. Trade dress refers to the features like shape, packaging, combination of the colours and the graphic design. Trade dress gives protection for the above said features of the product legally, since such features which are meant to be the ‘most attractive’ elements for any buyer once he looks on it. In short for the readers we have to say that trademark registration and trade dress registration are equally important.

Key features before opting for Trademark registration

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Trademark registration in Bangalore says certain key features to be known before trademark registration. Firstly hire a trademark attorney, then you have to conduct brand name search. Brand names should be the one which should not be used by others. Here in our places, people have the tendency to name their brands with their favourite ones. And such names will be available for others also. For example, if you name your brand, as Johnson, there are many ‘Johnson’s in the world. So you must be the first to register your brand name as Johnson. If anybody tries to get the name as Johnson, then they will be directed to have some other name added to it like, Johnson Wilmer & Co since, the name was secured by the other party. So always be the first to secure the brand name. Another key feature is never put effort on weak trademarks. If trademarks are weak, then you will be susceptible for injunction. Then you must be aware of the various symbols used. And finally you must have good awareness of the future updates in trademark registration. Online trademark registration in Bangalore gives the recent updates on Trademark Registration. Since trademark is one of the intellectual property rights, IP office has taken some decisions during the Corona pandemic outbreak. Certain measures are taken to fight against the virus. All the hearings are adjourned related to trademark matters.  Entrepreneurs should be aware of all the nooks and corners of the laws related to business right from top to bottom and Trademark registration in Bangalore assists you in all aspects. To know more details about trademark registration in bangalore, click here.

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