LLP Registration in Bangalore

LLP, a common business structure, allows multiple individuals to run a single business together. It's preferred for its flexibility, enabling partners to decide on their investment. LLP with LLP registration in Bangalore offers decentralized management, ensuring all owners have equal rights. Its standout features include tax benefits and limited liability.

Advantages of LLP:

Risk Distribution:With multiple owners, risks are spread based on investments and responsibilities, preventing one person from bearing the brunt of business issues.

Perpetual succession:An LLP's separate legal entity ensures its continuity despite partner changes, unaffected by modifications in ownership or responsibility.

Limited Liability:LLP with online LLP registration in Bangalore shields individual members' personal assets if one partner engages in unauthorized acts, safeguarding others from the partner's misconduct.

Flexibility:A key benefit, as each partner decides their contribution and the number of partners involved. Meetings and decisions are tailored to business needs.

Documents required for Limited Liability Partnership:

Indian National as a partner of LLP:
  • PAN Card
  • Address proof: Designated partners of the LLP must provide a copy of their PAN card.
  • Address proof for Indian nationals can be a driving license, ration card, voter ID, Aadhar card, or utility bills like electricity or telephone bills.
  • Along with address proof, residential proof must be submitted, which can be a bank statement or utility bills.
Foreign National as a partner of LLP:
  • For foreign nationals, a passport is mandatory and should be in English or translated to English if in a different language. Documents need certification or notarization.
  • Acceptable address proof includes residence cards, driving licenses, government-issued IDs with address details, and bank statements are necessary for LLP registration online in Bangalore.
  • A residence proof must match the name on the passport, accepted documents being utility bills or bank statements are necessary for LLP registration online in Bangalore.
Documents of the registered office:
  • For rented premises, provide the rental agreement, and for owned properties, provide ownership documents.
  • Additionally, a NOC from the landlord for authorization is required.
  • Proof of evidence, like utility bills, is essential for validation.