Legal Metrology Consultant in Bangalore

Legal metrology applies legal standards to measurements and measuring instruments. The OIML works towards global harmonization in this field, supporting international trade. It focuses on ensuring measurements and instruments meet standards to protect health, the environment, public safety, fair consumer trade, and enable proper taxation.

Accuracy and reliability are vital in measurements as they impact health, safety, and financial transparency. Weights and measures rely on accuracy, regulation, and reliability. Thus, assurance by Legal metrology consultant in Bangalore is necessary.

Regulatory aspects involve legal elements, with national metrology institutes and standards organizations establishing frameworks to ensure precise and reliable measurements.

The OIML have listed the following activities which fulfil the purpose fo legal metrology. They are as follows:

  • Establishing legal requirements.
  • Assessing and controlling regulated activities and products.
  • Supervising regulated products and activities.
  • Providing essential infrastructure for accurate measurements.

Types of licenses in legal metrology:

  • Manufacturer's license.
  • Dealer's license.
  • Repairer's license.
  • Registration as a manufacturer/packer of pre-packaged goods.

Application for license as a manufacturer:

  • Trade license which has been issued by the concerned town committee/municipal corporation/board.
  • PAN/professional tax registration number/CST number/VAT/sales tax registration number.
  • Factory of the manufacturer where the premise had been established.

Documents required for license as a manufacturer:

  • Landlord's NOC or rental receipt.
  • Attested copy of property documents or property tax receipt.
  • Inventory of testing equipment.
  • Copy of the firm's constitution.

Application for license as a dealer:

  • Obtain an authorization letter from the manufacturer to sell weights or measures.
  • Provide sales tax registration, VAT, Professional tax registration, PAN, and CST numbers.
  • Submit the government-issued certificate of model approval.
  • Present a valid trade license from the board, Municipal Corporation, or town committee.

Documents required for granting the dealer’s license:

  • Provide a site plan.
  • Submit a rental receipt or a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner.
  • List the testing equipment.
  • Include the Memorandum of Association (MOA) for private or limited companies.
  • Provide a list of tools and equipment.
  • Present the factory registration certificate.
  • Show proof of premises ownership through documents like sale deed, lease deed, property tax receipt, or allotment letter.

Application for registration as importer/manufacturer/packer of pre-packed commodities:

  • Factory registration certificate.
  • Partnership deed (if applicable).
  • Address proof.
  • VAT/sales tax registration, PAN, professional tax registration, and CST numbers.
  • Trade license issued by the town committee, Municipal Corporation, or board.
  • Certificate of importer obtained from the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.