AEPC Registration in Coimbatore

AEPC, or the Apparel Export Promotion Council, is a vital organization in the garment industry. Earnlogic, recognized as a leading consultant, now offers its services in multiple locations including Singanallur, Nava India, Hopes, Gandhipuram, and Town Hall. This consultancy assists both Indian exporters and importers. In Coimbatore, AEPC registration is crucial, and Earnlogic facilitates and educates applicants throughout the registration process.

AEPC is actively involved in empowering the garment industry by training individuals from the grassroots level, ensuring a skilled workforce and showcasing quality Indian garments at international trade fairs.

Earnlogic's AEPC registration in Coimbatore actively engage in the registration process. Recently, AEPC entered a Memorandum of Understanding to promote gender equality in the workplace. This collaboration signifies AEPC's alignment with enterprises sharing similar goals. AEPC conducts seminars on trade facilitation agreements and currency risk management to raise awareness.

AEPC helps members stay updated on the latest trends and fashion. Registered members gain access to the comprehensive Apparel Importers Directory, enhancing their business opportunities. AEPC also issues certificates such as the Export Performance Certificate and Certificate of Origin, facilitating duty-free imports and providing significant support to its members. Obtaining AEPC registration through Earnlogic in Coimbatore is crucial for business growth in the garment industry.

Documents required for the AEPC registration in Coimbatore

  • Self-verified IEC copy
  • Notarized non-judicial stamp paper with undertaking
  • Self-attested MoA/AoA copy
  • SSI copy for exporters
  • Duly signed Letter of Intent/Industrial License

Advantages of AEPC Registration

AEPC registration in Coimbatore offers several advantages:

  • Access to subsidy schemes
  • Comprehensive support for members
  • Free product listing on AEPC B2B E-Marketplace for global exposure
  • Access to industry statistics and valuable information
  • Provision of e-magazine featuring government initiatives
  • Seminars to keep members updated with current trends

AEPC Registration Objectives

  • Provision of technical and financial aid to registered members
  • Skill development and utilization of manpower
  • Promotion and development of readymade garments and leather
  • Collaboration with the government for policy planning
  • Worker training initiatives.