AEPC Registration in Coimbatore

AEPC stands for the Apparel Export Promotion Council. We Earnlogic have been nominated as the best consultant which has greater experience in doing the registration services. We have now extended our services in various places like Singanallur, Nava India, Hopes, Gandhipuram and Town hall. It provides assistance to the Indian exporters as well as the importers. The AEPC registration in Coimbatore is aware of the significance of the promotion council and it educates the applicants and does the job of the registration. AEPC in the recent days integrates the garments industry by preparing the best man force for the industry. The ‘best man force’ is determined by giving training to the people from the grass root level and supplying the steady stream of the man force where needed. It showcases the best Indian garments through international trade fair.

AEPC registration in Coimbatore by earnlogic involves in the registration process vigorously. Recently the AEPC has signed Memorandum of Understanding so as to give the support to create equal workplace on a program on Gender equality through workplace training. Thus the AEPC undergoes the merge with enterprises with same objective. Also, AEPC takes part in creating the awareness about such programs through the seminars on trade facilitation agreement and currency risk management. AEPC helps in keeping the abreast of the latest trends and the fashion. The members who are registered have place in the Indian Exporters Directory. Thus, they have the access to the comprehensive Apparel Importers Directory. Such registration should be obtained through AEPC registration in Coimbatore and also AEPC issues the export performance certificate and certificate of origin for the duty free import which results in greater help for the members.

Documents required for the AEPC registration

  • Self-certified copy of IEC
  • Undertaking non-judicial stamp paper duly notarized
  • Self-attested copy of Memorandum of Association / Article of association
  • In case of the exporter -self-attested copy of the SSI
  • Letter of intent/industrial license issued by the concerned authority and must be duly signed

Benefits of AEPC registration

The AEPC registration in Coimbatore has various benefits. They are,

  • Subsidy schemes availability
  • End-to-end support for the members.
  • The listing of the products on AEPC B2B E-Marketplace is free of coat and so they can showcase the products globally.
  • AEPC has the access to industry statistics and information.
  • It provides the e-magazine which contains the policies and initiatives taken by the government.
  • It conducts various seminars for the members to stay updated with current trends and technologies.

Objectives of AEPC Registration

  • To provide technical and financial help to the registered members and the concerned
  • To impart skills to the manpower and make use of them
  • To promote increase and develop the ready-mades, leather.
  • When AEPC work close to the government then forecast conditions and policies can be planned.
  • Training for the workers are undertaken.