Society Registration in Coimbatore

Online Society Registration in Coimbatore is geared towards communal objectives. Earnlogic assists in adhering to Coimbatore's rules and regulations in establishing societies. Our services span across various Coimbatore areas like Madukarai, Podanur, Mettupalayam, Pollachi, and more.

It represents an assembly of individuals united by mutual agreement. Earnlogic aids in registering societies to foster charitable activities encompassing sports, music, culture, religion, education, etc. This registration operates under the Society Registration Act in India, facilitating procedures for society registration and functioning.

The Act aims to enhance legal provisions for society registration in Coimbatore, promoting literature, fine arts, science, and awareness distribution for various beneficial purposes. Widely accepted by governments, the Society Registration Act of 1860 has undergone numerous amendments.

Purpose of Society Registration

  • Encouraging fine arts
  • Spreading political education
  • Offering charitable aid
  • Advancing science and literature
  • Establishing funds for military orphans
  • Establishing or maintaining galleries or public museums
  • Establishing or maintaining reading rooms or libraries
  • Promoting the spread of practical knowledge
  • Curating collections of natural history
  • Curating collections of mechanical and philosophical inventions, designs, or instruments.

Benefits of Society Registration in Coimbatore

  • Society registration online brings numerous tax benefits to the organization.
  • Registration under this Act gives the society legal recognition as a juridical entity.
  • Having a registered status is crucial for society operations, including opening bank accounts and engaging in government procedures.
  • Valid registration is necessary to obtain certifications and approvals required under the Income Tax Act.
  • It grants societies acknowledgment and credibility in various forums and before different authorities.

Documents Required for Society Registration in Coimbatore

The following documents are to be submitted along with the application form of Society Registration:

  • Bye-laws duly signed by the initial three members (President, General Secretary, and Treasurer), with their respective seals.
  • Memorandum of Association in a typed and serially numbered format, provided with a certified copy.
  • Address details of all members and office bearers, including village/ward/house numbers.
  • Official address of the society within its functional area.
  • A No Objection Certificate from the landlord or house owner.
  • Sufficient documentary evidence demonstrating the legal authority and control of the applying society over its premises.