Design registration in Coimbatore

A design registration in Coimbatore protects the overall appearance of a product and Earnlogic provides Design registration with our legal experts in an effective manner. We have 10+ years of experience in legal services and we are serving in various parts of Coimbatore like R.S.Puram, Nava India, Hopes, Peelamedu, Mettupalayam, Ganapathy, Cheran managar and in Singanallur. In particular, a registered design can protect the lines, contours, colors, shape, texture or materials of a product. A design registration is valid when a design is novel and has individual character. Design registration is the intellectual property right chosen by business entities, engineers and scientist. There are different types of designs like Bottle design, Container Design, Machine Design, and Product Design etc., which are protected under design law.

Design Registration in Coimbatore is a medium through which protection of design could be ensured, since there is a register of designs in which the record of all the registered designs is preserved. This also keeps a check on same designs getting registered more than once. Once the design is registered, the applicant gets a copyright as a proprietor of that design. In India, the maximum validity of a registration under the Indian Designs Act, 2000 can be 15 years. The Indian Designs Act, 2000 also introduces international system of classification for registration. Restoration of lapsed designs or renewal of expired registration is also permitted under the Indian Designs Act, 2000.

Benefits of Design Registration

  • Provision of exclusive rights:
    Design registration in Coimbatore is essential to enable and prevent unauthorized imitation of protected designs by third parties.
  • Facilitation of marketing and commercialization:
    Since industrial designs are aimed at appealing to consumers, they can be an important element of a company's brand and business assets which may increase the market value of a company and its products and facilitate their marketing and commercialization.
  • Generation of revenue:
    Design rights can be sold or licensed to another enterprise, which will then generate revenues for the rights of the owner and in turn, generate revenue for the economy at large scale through the payment of taxes, licensing fees, permit charges, etc.

Documents required for design registration

  • A request for registration of the design.
  • Applicant's full name and the address.
  • A specimen or photographic presentation of the design.
  • The kind or class of product (where a classification has been prescribed) for which the design will be used.
  • A signed power of attorney where the application is made by an agent.

Requirement of design registration:

  • It should be new or original.
  • Should not include property mark or trademark or any artistic works as defined under the copyright act.
  • The design should be distinguishable from the existing or already registered or disclosed to the public.
  • It should be judged solely by the eye and the feature of the design has to be more visible and clear.
  • It should not depict any obscene or scandalous matter.