Trademark Registration in Coimbatore

Trademark registration in Coimbatore is an essential factor of the overall intellectual property rights in a business. EarnLogic has registered several trademarks according to the customer requirement and most importantly the unique trademark search is done by our expert team before the registration process. We provide all type of legal registration services under one roof in various places of Coimbatore like Singanallur, Sulur, Ondipudhur, Gandhipuram and Ramananathapuram. A Trademark is an easily identifiable symbol, phrase, or a word that denotes a specific product. By adopting or commercially exploiting a pre-existing trademark, it leads to litigation rather than moving towards a prospective business. A Trademark should be chosen carefully with the advice of the Trademark Attorneys.Trademark is typically the firm name or firm logo which must be a unique or memorable name or emblem so the customers can easily identify the business and create customer retention.

A trademark helps the customers in terms of identifying the goods or services with certain qualities of a brand. The registration of a trademark will safeguard the business from usage of unauthorized persons. If the trademark is being misused by any unauthorized person, the owner has the right to recover the income gained with the registered trademark under the Intellectual Property Act. A good trademark is easy to speak and can be easily remembered by the public.

Benefits of Trademark Registration

  • Trademark registration in Coimbatore protects the name of the company, logo, sign or any other kind of mark.
  • It enables the mark owner to receive nationwide ownership of the mark.
  • It reduces the chance of misusing the brand name.
  • It gives the list of Trademarks which are already registered.
  • Trademark registration also provides customer retention.

Documents required for trademark registration

  • Copy of a logo for which the trademark registration is needed.
  • The product detail is required for the trademark registration.
  • If it is a firm then Copy of the Incorporation Certificate, applicant’s name and address proof is required.
  • Softcopy of the Trademark.
  • Address proof of the firm.
  • Partnership deed - if it is a Partnership firm.

Leverages of trademark and its registration

Exclusive Integrity:

It is easy for customers to identify your brand in between thousands of product brands. The trademark easily gets registered in the minds of people for years and years.

Protection against infringement:

No competitor can use the logo or brand which is registered by you under trademark norms. If someone uses without the approval of the owner, the owner can get legal protection against the infringement.

Global Coverage:

Trade mark registration gives nationwide expansion and protection. If a person wants to register the trademark outside India, the registered Indian trade mark is the basic platform for abroad registration.