Coir Board Registration in Coimbatore

Coir Body is a statuary body and it has been established by the Indian Government. We the Earnlogic consultants has been suggested for best legal registration services by many public in the city. Our prestigious firm has now extended its services in places like Avinashi road- nava india, Saravanampatti, RS Puram, Thondamuthur and Thudiyalur. It can be registered under the Coir Board registration in Coimbatore under Coir Industry Act 1953. Coir board has been established for the promotion and the development of the coir industry. Many of the main functions are mentioned under the Section 10 of the Coir industry. The body regulates the supervision of the husk, coir yarn, and coir products. The board undertakes and assist in the general research and economic research. The board is also keen in fixing the grade standards. Also it conducts the necessary inspection for coir yarn and the coir products and sets up the factories for the production of the coir products.

The Coir Board registration in Coimbatore by Earnlogic stands as a pioneer in the Industrial field. The board promotes the cooperative organisation among the producers of the coir products. It also ensures the remunerative returns to the people who are involved in the production of the coir products. It gives numerous suggestions and advises regarding the coir industry. The board is also responsible for licensing the retting places and the warehouses. The board also involve in stocks and sales of the coir fibre and coir yarn; both for the internal market and for the exporters. The coconut husk, coir yarn and the coir products that are mainly produced in the rural areas should be marketed globally. This marketing is done well by the coir board. Hence it should be registered through Coir board registration in Coimbatore since the board prevents the unfair competition. The board also sets up the factories to increase the production. When the economy of the rural areas increase, it is highly beneficial for the nation as well as the coir manufacturing state.

Documents required for the Coir board registration

  • Application which is annexed in the form Annexure ii
  • Photo Copy of the export order from the overseas buyer
  • Certificate of financial status of the nationalized bank
  • Photo Copy of the PAN card

Benefits of the Coir Board registration in Coimbatore

The Coir board registration in Coimbatore has several benefits. They are,

  • Provides the financial assistance
  • Takes part in economic research
  • Brown coir is widely used in the upholstery padding and horticulture
  • Red coir are used to make floor mats
  • White coir is used for producing the fish nets.

List of coir products

  • Bristle fibre
  • Retted Fibre
  • Unretted fibre
  • Coir yarn
  • Dholls
  • Fibre mats
  • Powerloom creel mats
  • Loop mats
  • Mesh mats
  • Sinnet mats
  • Ribbed mattings
  • Cricket pitch matting
  • Basket weaving
  • Rope mats