Coir Board Registration in Coimbatore

Coir Board, established by the Indian Government, governs the Coir Industry under the Coir Industry Act of 1953. Earnlogic Consultants in Coimbatore extends professional services and facilitates registration with the Coir Board.

The Coir Board's primary role involves promoting and developing the coir industry. It functions under Section 10 of the Coir Industry Act, overseeing husk, coir yarn, and coir products. Additionally, it supports research, sets quality standards, conducts inspections, and establishes production facilities for coir goods.

Earnlogic's service for getting Coir Board registration in Coimbatore plays a pivotal role in the industry's growth. The Board fosters cooperative organizations among coir producers and ensures fair returns for their efforts. It provides valuable guidance, licenses retting areas and warehouses, and manages the sales of coir fiber and yarn, both domestically and for exports.

One of its crucial tasks is to market coconut husk, coir yarn, and related products from rural areas globally, preventing unfair competition. Online Coir Board registration in Coimbatore ensures compliance, fostering a balanced market. Moreover, the Board's efforts in establishing factories aim to boost production, benefiting both the rural economy and the coir manufacturing sector.

Registering with the Coir Board not only uplifts rural economies but also contributes significantly to the nation's economic growth. Earnlogic's expertise in facilitating this registration paves the way for fair trade practices, enhanced production, and global market access for coir-based products.

Documents required for the Coir board registration

Please include the application attached as Annexure II along with the following documents:

  • Photocopy of the export order received from the overseas buyer./li>
  • Certificate from a nationalized bank confirming your financial status./li>
  • Photocopy of your PAN card./li>
  • These documents are essential for processing and meeting the necessary requirements.

Benefits of the Coir Board registration in Coimbatore

Coir Board registration in Coimbatore offers multiple advantages:

  • Offers financial aid and support.
  • Engages in crucial economic research.
  • Brown coir finds extensive use in upholstery padding and horticulture.
  • Red coir is commonly utilized for crafting floor mats.
  • White coir is specifically used in the production of fish nets.
  • Registering with the Coir Board in Coimbatore unlocks these benefits, ranging from financial assistance to supporting various industries and their specific uses of coir products.

List of coir products

  • Bristle fibre
  • Retted Fibre
  • Unretted fibre
  • Coir yarn
  • Dholls
  • Fibre mats
  • Powerloom creel mats
  • Loop mats
  • Mesh mats
  • Sinnet mats
  • Ribbed mattings
  • Cricket pitch matting
  • Basket weaving
  • Rope mats

These are various types of coir products commonly used in different applications and industries.