Copyright Registration in Coimbatore

A copyright registration in Coimbatore acts as a shield for the original works of authorship. Creativity has major role in the Economic and social development of our Coimbatore city. Earnlogic offers enormous legal registration services in all areas of Coimbatore like Saravanampatti, Kovilpalayam, SaibabaColony, Annur, Sathy, Karumathampatti, Sulur and Thudiyalur. This includes literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and certain other creative works. Copyright owners have the liberty to assign the copyright to any person either partially or wholly subject to limitations. Copyright applies to a set of proprietary privileges retained by the copyright holder according to Section 14 of the Act. These privileges can only be exercised by the copyright owner or by any other individual duly authorized by the copyright owner. A copyright is a licensed collective administration which is formed by authors and other proprietors in 1957.

Copyright registration in Coimbatore is the legal and exclusive right for artworks. In other words, if copyright is owned for any kind of artwork, nobody can make a copy without the permission. Copyright registration in Coimbatore helps the original owners to explore their creativity and reap monetary benefits. India has a very strong and comprehensive copyright law based on the Indian Copyright Act of 1957. The Copyright registration in Coimbatore is fully compatible with international norms like the Berne Convention, Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Copyright Treaty (WCT). Copyright registration makes the work more unique and it gives certain rights for the persons to market it among the targeted consumers.

Benefits of Copyright registration

  • Copyright registration in Coimbatore helps to gain profit by selling the artwork or material.
  • This registration gives shelter for creativity.
  • The Government of India is taking initiative to combat piracy in the software industry, motion pictures and the music industry along with players in the industry through their associations and organizations like NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Service Companies),NIAPC (National Initiative Against Piracy and Counterfeiting) etc.

Documents required for Copyright registration

  • Two Copies of the artistic work
  • ID proof of the owner.
  • Applicant Name and Address details
  • NOC from the owner when the creation is not original.

Types of copyrights

A copyrighted owner has five different types for his/her works. They are as follows:

Reproduction right:

It is the right to transcribe or imitate the work, copy and duplicate the work in a fixed form.

Modification right:

This right is useful to modify the existing work to create a new work. A work which is based upon the pre-existing work is called as “derivative work”.

Public display right:

This right is to show a copy of the work directly by means of a television image, film, and slide at a public place.