Legal Metrology License in Coimbatore

Earnlogic offers Legal Metrology Certificates in Coimbatore catering to manufacturers and importers of weighing and measuring devices. Legal Metrology revolves around the significance of accurate measurements, often overlooked in our daily routines. However, precise measurements are crucial; inaccuracies could result in serious incidents. Legislations focus on ensuring accuracy and safety in measurements.

These certificates guarantee consumer rights' protection in commercial transactions utilizing weights and measures. They emphasize exact measurements, instruments, and techniques, forming a fundamental safeguard for consumers. Acquiring a legal metrology license in Coimbatore is supportive of the city's technological and industrial advancements.

Earnlogic expedites the Legal Metrology certificate registration process. Whether a manufacturing company, importer, or packer of measuring instruments, obtaining this license is essential. Government procedures for registration under the Legal Metrology Act are complex. Earnlogic simplifies these processes, saving time and effort for clients. Our technical team assists throughout the pre and post-registration phases.

Procedure for Legal Metrology certification in Coimbatore

  • Preparation of the Application and relevant drafts
  • Online Submission of Application and fee payment
  • Issuance of UAIN (Unique Application Identification Number)
  • Initial scrutiny by Facilitator Level-1, including attachments and payments
  • Forwarding the Application to Legal Metrology Officer Level 2
  • Inspection conducted by Legal Metrology Officer Level 2, followed by a submission of the inspection report
  • Approval or rejection of the application by the Controller of the Legal Metrology Department based on the application's merits and inspection report during the post-inspection process.

Types of legal Metrology

Industrial Metrology – Industrial Metrology focuses on safeguarding instruments and is extensively applied in manufacturing industries and factories. It's pivotal in the design and testing of aircraft.

Scientific Metrology – Scientific Metrology deals with establishing and maintaining measurement standards. It concentrates on research and modern technologies in various sectors like government, healthcare, and commercial product research.

Mandatory Declarations in Legal Metrology

The product's common name and its maximum retail price, including taxes, should be clearly mentioned. Display the date of manufacture, packaging, or import on the packet.

If these dates differ, list them separately. Mention the product's usage duration, quantity, and ingredients.

Provide customer service or a helpline for any customer concerns or grievances.