Legal Metrology License in Coimbatore

Legal Metrology Certificate in Coimbatore is provided by Earnlogic for the manufacturers and importers of weighing and measuring instruments and devices. Legal Metrology is associated with the importance of measurements. In our daily life, we used to handle a lot of things without giving importance to measurements. Measurements have a great importance in case of accuracy. In some cases, the inaccuracy may lead to critical fatal incidents. Measurements and measuring instrumental legislations are mainly focused on providing accuracy and security in measurement. Legal metrology certificates ensure protection of consumer rights both in commercial service and transactions which are offered through weights and measures. Mainly, a Legal metrology certificate deals with the exact measurements of units, its instrument and techniques used for the measurement. This accuracy in measurements acts as a strong base for consumer protection. Getting a legal metrology license in coimbatore supports the technological, scientific and industrial advancement of the industrial city.

Earnlogic helps to register the Legal Metrology certificate within a short duration of time. A manufacturing company, an importer or packer of weighing and measuring instruments and the devices are required to get Legal metrology License. There are certain systematic procedures in the Government for the registration of a business under the Legal Metrology Act. At Earnlogic, we streamline various complicated processes to help our reputed clients in saving their time and effort. Our technical team helps in the pre and post-registration process.

Procedure for Legal Metrology certification in Coimbatore

  • Application Preparation along with respective drafts
  • Application Submission via Online and paying prescribed fees.
  • UAIN (Unique Application Identification Number) issuance
  • The application is scrutinized by Facilitator Level-1 along with all the attachments and payments made.
  • Then the Application is passed on to Legal Metrology Officer Level 2
  • Inspection by Legal Metrology Officer Level 2 and after the submission he/she will submit the inspection report.
  • On the basis of merits and accuracy of the application and inspection report, the application may get approved or rejected by the Controller of Legal Metrology Department during the post inspection process.

Types of legal Metrology

Industrial Metrology – The aim of industrial metrology is to secure the instruments It is widely used in the manufacturing industries and in factories. It plays a vital role in designing and testing of the aircrafts.

Scientific Metrology – This type of metrology is engaged with the organization and development of measurement standards and with their maintenance. Scientific metrology mainly concentrates in research and latest technologies for industries concerning government, healthcare, and research for commercial products.

Mandatory Declarations in Legal Metrology

The generic name of the Product which is sold The maximum retail price (inclusive of all taxes) must be listed Date of manufacture, packaging or import must be displayed on the packet. If the date of manufacturing and packing are different, they must be displayed separately. The duration for using the product must be listed. The quantity of the product Ingredients of the product Customer service or helpline for customer grievances