Patent Registration in Coimbatore

A patent registration in Coimbatore is specifically given to the inventor to prohibit anyone from utilizing, creating, and selling an invention for a specified duration of time. Earnlogic is one of the best leading legal service providers in Coimbatore and we serve in Gandhipuram, Race course, Sitra, Peelamedu, Hopes and all around coimbatore. It is the exclusive ownership right on an invention. The inventions are patentable and it is essential that the inventions should be protected solely by patent registration. It is a form of intellectual property rights that can protect the finalized product which results from an invention.

The novelty shall not fall in public domain or form part of any prior act. Patents can be globally registered. Earnlogic’s patent registration attorneys in Coimbatore will always provide 100 % satisfaction for registering the new inventions. The invention should not be invented in our country already nor outside of our country which becomes a novelty. The patent registration in Coimbatore is entitled to the one who files the application first and not to the one who has invented it first. In India, an innovation referring to a new product or procedure that involves the inventive phase and is capable of industrial use can be patented. A patent application can be filed, either alone or jointly, by the true and first inventor or his assignee.

Benefits of Patent Registration

  • It helps in developing the business with an invention
  • A patent registration in Coimbatore prevents from copying, manufacturing, selling or importing invention without the permission of the owner.
  • It can be licensed to other companies to receive royalty payments.
  • Once the patent is registered, the patent owner can sell the invention.
  • The patent law permits the inventor to obtain a remarkable public impression and improve his portfolio by disclosing the invention in the public domain.
  • Promoting innovation

    By creating new improved goods and services, community can be benefited which meets the social needs. For instance, medical research produces new diagnostic treatments or tests which improve the community health.

  • Investment and economic growth

    Patent helps the company to grow by capitalising on the market. Small companies can use patents to attract the potential customers and in addition patent stimulate the growth of national industry because it overseas the investment and products been developed for export. Moreover, the profits which have been obtained from the patent exploitation can further utilize in research and development.

Documents required for patent registration

  • Applicant’s identity and address proof
  • Inventors’ identity and address proof
  • Complete specifications
  • Description, claims, abstract and drawings.
  • Application details like number and its status.
  • Form1 – Application form in duplicate: It contains the information which is about the name and address of the inventor, name and address of the application and other associated declarations.
  • Form2 - The provisional or complete specification in duplicate- Complete specification need to be provided within 12 months if you file the provisional specification.
  • Form3 - Filing date, current status and information of each foreign patent application in duplicate.