Private limited company registration in coimbatore

Private Limited Company Registration in Coimbatore

The private limited company registration in Coimbatore by Earnlogic stands as the most liked and preferred consultants for many business professionals. Earnlogic provides business suggestions and guidance for the registration process and it is one of the leading consultants in the market of business registration. We have extended our service exclusively in Gandhipuram, Peelamedu, Varadharajapuram, Singanallur and Ondipudhur. Private limited company has limited liability of shares. The liability of each member or shareholders is limited to the contribution made by them. This method of using the finance resources in a partnership firm is very risky. So, the fund raising is considered as one of the prime advantage of the private limited company.

Private Limited Company registration in Coimbatore can be formed with a minimum of two members and it can be extended up to two hundred members. A minimum of two directors is required and the maximum limit is fifteen. This form of business shares many similar traits with partnership firm. Only two hundred shareholders are allowed in a Private limited company registration in Coimbatore. A properly formulated registration procedure has been mentioned in the companies act. The reputation of the private limited company makes it easier to raise capital funds in comparison to other forms of companies. The scope of expansion is greater when a private limited company is formed. Taking debts from banks and other financial ventures is quite easy Process.

Benefits of Private limited Company Registration

  • A private limited company enjoys the privileges of borrowing more funds than LLPs as it has more options for taking debt.
  • Private limited companies easily accommodate to equity funding as there is a clear distinction between shareholders and the directors.
  • Private limited companies can be sold or transferred either partially or in full, to another individual or entity without any disruption to the current business.
  • Private limited company registration in Coimbatore allows for FDI up to 100% through the automatic route, which means there is no requirement of any government approval for foreign companies to make an investment in India.
  • Separate legal entity: It can own the property due to this feature. The company can and sued under its own name.
  • Longevity of the company: Private limited company cannot be affected by the death or inability of the owner which does not hinder the proceedings of the company.

Documents required for Private limited Company registration

  • PAN Card of Directors and Share Holders.
  • Aadhaar card and Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving License of Shareholders and Directors.
  • Shareholders and Director’s Latest Telephone Bill /Electricity Bill/ Bank Account Statement.
  • Latest Passport size photograph of Shareholders and Directors.
  • Registered office address’s Latest Electricity Bill/ Telephone Bill
  • No Objection Certificate
  • Rent Agreement of the registered office