OPC registration in Chennai

OPC Registration in Chennai

Earnlogic provides OPC registration in Chennai with eminent professionals. We have extended our registration services in Ennore, Kanchipuram, sriperumpudur, pudupettai, royapuram, poonamalle and perungudi. We offer best service in the corporate market with flexibility and customer satisfaction. The registration work is done on time with simple and easy methodologies.

OPC is known as the one person company which is registered under the section (62) of companies act 2013. OPC exists with one and only person to commence the business. That one person plays both the role as director and shareholder; he/ she is the all in one for the company. The rules and regulation of the company is extensive for managing and forming the one person company. It’s the most modern form of business which is launched under the Indian companies act.

OPC companies enjoy more benefits and it has a life time business- paperwork will be less when compared to other form of business. It is easy to convert as private limited company or any other company and it is a small scale business where the turnover is not close to 2 crores. OPC Company enjoys the benefits of bank loans and bank credit points.

Advantages of one Person Company

  • Minimum requirements: Minimum of one shareholder and director must be there. Shareholder and director can be the same person.
  • Single owner: Being a single owner, it is very helpful in quick decision making, managing and controlling the business without any methodologies as adopted in other companies. The sense of belonging inspires to grow the business more.
  • No requirement to hold AGM:Unlike other companies, there is no requirement to hold annual general meeting.
  • Funding is easy: This company is a private company; OPC can raise funds through financial institutions, angel investors, venture capital, etc.

Documents Required for OPC Registration

  • Address Proof – the copy of originals
  • Aadhar card - Copy of Aadhar card
  • PAN card – Copy of PAN card
  • Photo - Photo copy of the OPC registered person
  • Email Id – Email id of the person
  • Phone Number

Benefits of OPC Registration in Bangalore

  • TEnjoys the profit of the business
  • Easy to manage – OPC company is easy to manage
  • Legal identity- It has its separate legal identity.
  • Easy conversion – OPC is easy to convert into any form of business
  • Easy Return Filing
  • Limited liability – Liability of the company is limited
  • Flexibility and tax savings
  • Higher credibility – OPC has a higher credibility between the vendors and lending institutions.